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Thank you for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :-)

This game was incredibly immersive, and everything from the graphics to the integrated minigames contributed to that. Thank you for making it. 

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Most likely because many content creators are fascinated by the power of reviewers, and meeting a prominent one makes an interesting story! I chose games as the subject because I comprehend game dev more than creative fields such as screenwriting. 

Looking at the "Let's Play" webcomic (which also seems super awesome!), it looks like that comic is about being neighbors with a streamer, who already has a girlfriend. Outside of the initial premise of content-creator-reviews-game-negatively, the webcomic starts and goes in a very different direction from Line Drop, and the characters seem very different as well.

I sincerely hope that Line Drop's surface similarity to the premise of "Let's Play" doesn't deter you from enjoying either work, since the stories are pretty distinct from each other! (: 

Edit: Removed a potential spoiler 

Whoa, this is awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time to make a Let's Play of Line Drop -- I really enjoyed listening to you guys' live commentary on it. I've updated the expected playtime after watching this, and had to go check out your video of the "other game about streaming" after you guys mentioned it! (: 

I think this premise is really interesting! I'm looking forward to playing the final game (: 

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My artist and I are working on an otome game about an indie game dev meeting the popular YouTuber who tanked her career! I'm really excited for this year's project, and I know it's going to be better than our 2016 NaNoRenO submission ^^

If anyone is interested in keeping up with my daily logs, my twitter is @ElowanGames!

Holy crap, this is amazing! I'm super honored that you took the time to make a Let's Play of my visual novel, and I really enjoyed your commentary (C-DAWG :^)). I'll look into fixing the sprite bug, and take your feedback into consideration for my future games. Thank you so much! 

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I loved this demo's narrative flow, with periodic choices that felt substantial and character introductions that weren't too fast. I enjoy all three bachelors (can't pick between them!) and the agency the MC has in influencing her palace. Teiran's scene at the end of the demo was really amazing. The platonic and familial relationships that the MC has in the palace seem realistic and aren't ignored. 

Overall, this looks to be a well-balanced visual novel that tells a story I want to read. I'm absolutely looking forward to playing the full game!