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Nothing is more contagious than terror.
Submitted by Elowan — 1 minute, 20 seconds before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Gameplay · Systèmes de jeu#213.2673.267
Storytelling & Writing · Écriture et narration#352.8002.800
Overall · Note globale#422.6672.667
Aesthetics & Mood · Esthétique et ambiance#522.4002.400
Theme interpretation · Interprétation du thème#612.2002.200

Ranked from 15 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.


Team members
Raisindoc, Rae

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I really like the design and the story of this game.

The character are truly cute, and likeable.

Buuut... To much ennemies, I had to wait 2 minutes before my turn... Every turn... And ennemis aren't dead in every turn...

But programming a T-RPG on RPG Maker seems to be hard and I can compliment this effort.

But I liked the rest of the game.

(sorry my English isn't so good ahah)


Thank you very much for your feedback! I'm happy you enjoyed the story and the characters. :D

The enemy AI was slower in taking its turn than we had initially intended, due to lack of optimization and not enough time to figure out how to reduce enemy "thinking" time further. Enemy AI has been mentioned multiple times as a point of improvement, and I'll make sure to allocate more time to developing it in any future games I make. :-)

I really like T-RPG but that makes me very demanding with those.
If the universe and the characters are original for this type of game, I find the system very very slow and impractical (as often with the T-RPG made with RPG Maker)

Starting with a character against 6 enemies ... it's a long first combat.
Continue with three characters against 20-30 ... Argh

I think something is missing from the gameplay that could make the fighting more fun, less repetitive. But at the same time, designing and calibrating a T-RPG system with 72H must have been difficult.

Nevertheless, the soul of your game is unique and it would be nice to see your characters in another game or another version!


Thank you very much for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the characters. 

I agree that in retrospect, the level design didn't meet my goals in that the levels are slowly paced and not well balanced. The enemy AI was not as aggressive as we had intended, due to spending too much time implementing the tactical engine instead. As a result, enemies often took longer to reach and extended the battles.

Faster battle pacing in general has been a common critique of this game, and I'll definitely test having shorter, more interactive battles in any future games I make. :-)


God I finally finished this game
If I have one thing to complain about it's that the enemy turns are WAY too long especially when most of them aren't doing anything ; I think I would have liked it more if there were more fights but with less enemies each time. Other than that there were some bugs, but nothing game breaking.

On the plus side I found the characters super cute and liked the dialogue, I think it would have been nice to have some more narration :3


Thank you for your feedback! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the characters. :-D

The enemy "thinking" time specifically I have no idea how to get rid of -- I set padded thinking time to 0, but I think the remaining thinking time is just how long the engine takes to process enemy options. Faster battle pacing in general has been a common critique of this game, and I'll definitely test having more of shorter battles in any future games I make. :-)

I'm not a fan of tactical RPG, but it's really great you managed to code it in RPG Maker, with an AI. 

Problem is the second fight is waaaaay too long... And the graphics doesn't match together wich make it kinda strange.

GG anyway for this !!! Gameplay is really well done ! :)


Thank you for your feedback! We thought about replacing all of the default background art to match the new character art, but realized that would be infeasible with one artist and 3 days. Faster battle pacing seems to be a common critique of this game, and I'll definitely change that in any future games I make. :-)

(1 edit)

Yeah well...I hope it's in everyone's mind that all the games of the jam were made in 3 days ! Which makes your gameplay quite impressive. You can't focus on every aspects of a game with so little time !

To be totally honest, I was to tired when I tried your game to focus correctly on the dialogues, but it seemed quite nice ! 


This battle system is interesting and has potential, though most of the enemies wouldn't move from their spot unless a player was in attack range. I guess this is just running out of time in the jam and it would work better with more development on the enemy turn decisions.

I'm giving a 5 in gameplay because it's impressive to get this far in 3 days, even though it needs work to be more fun.


Thank you for your feedback! You are right, we spent about 50 hours implementing the engine and had less time than intended for level design, including figuring out how to encourage enemies to "see" outside of their attack range. Though the level design didn't meet my own goals for the jam, I'll definitely put more time into enemy movement into consideration in the future. :-)

Pro's -  The battle system is good but the battles drag on a bit.  The battle after the assassination attempt took ages.   Also I love the facesets.  Story seemed interesting.

Cons - The spirtes don't match the RTP package at all and look out of place (though they go well with the facesets).  The mapping is very beginnerish, which is understandable given the time.  I could walk over table after the assassination attempt.   Dialogue was a bit heavy and grammar not great.

Lots of potential here.


Thank you for your feedback! I'll pass along the compliments to our artist. We initially considered replacing the RTP map art to match the sprites, but realized that was infeasible in a 3 day jam with one artist. 

The mapping and level design didn't meet my own goals for the jam, and I'm glad hear specific feedback on its flaws. I'll definitely take into account faster pacing and triple-checking map design in the future. :-)


On the good side, the combat system is very technically impressive. It's very satisfying to win battles. I also really like the art style of the title screen.

On the negative, there were a couple of bugs. Sylvie turned invisible for half of one of my battles. I also felt the cutscenes were a little slow. Maybe needed a bit more movement or less dialogue.


Thank you for your feedback! I'll pass along your compliments to our artist as well. :-)

I noticed the invisibility bug as well, which seems to have something to do with player transparency in events immediately preceding the battles. Unfortunately, we weren't able to fix that by the deadline!