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The project is still on-going. :) 

Yes, it's kinetic. The choices are if you want to read more and in the order you read certain scenes. Most of the extra stuff is skipable if you choose not to read it. 

Aether Skies is a two part game with Scion and Exalt. Scion will be released first and then Exalt will follow after. I plan to release a version that will feature both games sometime after Exalt. Though you'll still be able to transfer saves between the two until the combined version is released. 

The one I'm currently working on is Scion, which is suffering from a serious lack of funding at the moment. With my current financial situation struggling I don't foresee any real progress in this game until next Spring. I'm not confident a crowdfunding operation would have the support, so we'll have to wait and see.

There are going to be updates. I hope to have Chapters 2 and 3 out within the coming year. It's not that they're not written or coded for that matter as it is there's no additional art for them.

For three days in a row I've pulled the Tower card for Love each day. Good times, anyways, love the art in this glad you were able to complete the deck.

Are you enabling the in-game reader? If you press "V" you will toggle the self-voicing that will read the text for you. I do apologize the "Controls" screen that shows up when you first open it doesn't say what it is. I'll see about getting an updated version for it. Though, everything else should be fine. I hope this works for you. Let me know otherwise and I'll look into it. Thanks for the feedback.

Saw your description on the game from the post. It looks fun. Good luck with the project. :)

I'd like to hear about the different visual novels everyone is making. Just a short summary or even a link to  lemmasoft forums for more project. I'll go first.

I'm working by myself. My game is an adaptation of my favorite children's story Meana of the Waterfall. It's actually a short story within this larger book I had wore out the binding on. The original story isn't more then a few pages long, but I think it's the perfect length to start. I haven't had time to make a post on LSF or my project page, but plan on it later this month.

No, nothing like that. Just enjoy working on your game with a dealine of the month, and you'll do fine. :)

Aether Skies community · Created a new topic Bugs Reports

Please feel free to use this to report bugs in the demos. Please search this before posting and keep post the version number. Thank you.

Please use this to discuss and talk general feedback for the game.

^^; I don't know how I missed this! I'm sorry! ^_^ I'm glad you enjoyed the demo. :) Things are going smoothly.

^_^ No problem. I'm happy to hear from you. We'll see how the rest of the summer goes and I'll keep everyone posted.

^_^ It's all right. I'm happy to have some input. The idea that the shape just changed was an afterthought in my head too.

It's an alpha, so it's not final, and to be honest I'm not 100% in love with this as I said before. I do want to add the last thing said to the screen, and work not having boxes.

The default screen that I've always seen looks like this:

source: "The Question" sample game

It presents the choices in a organized way that is easy for the player to choose, but to me it's kind of plain. A check this box or check that box.

Anyways, I'll keep at it and find something that fits for the game. It's not going to be overnight, but it at least is something to think of while artist are on holiday. ^_^ Thanks for the feedback.

^_^ I'm glad you enjoyed the demo. As for the full game release it's going to be in parts. I'm hoping if everything goes well to release the first part of Eir's story sometime this fall. It's all based on financial reasons, and the time schedule for the sprite artist. Eventually I will release a version that has everything in it, but for one part at a time.

There is no price set at this time.

Thanks you for your interest! ^_^

^_^ Oh you’ve brighten my day! I’m really glad you loved the game. There will the option to see the story in Reina’s point of view and I will announce if it will be a separate demo or a combined version.

As for the auto-forward it can be disabled by clicking to advance the text yourself twice or by hovering over the Quick Menu and clicking on the “Auto” so it’s no longer highlighted orange. In the next version of the demo there is a new option that you can turn it “On” or “Off” on the preference screen.

Thanks so much ve! ^_^

The Exalt of Idwall once dedicated her life to the study of Aether, but now has more pressing matters; a mutilated king, a throne that was never meant to be hers, and a man who is the last of his kind. Her story was burned to ash and the pages are all but smeared across lies and rumors. Yet, I still remember.

Chapter 1: Aether (Demo Available)
Eir finds himself in the drylands of Idwall, chasing after a tiny thief who stole his mother's pendant when he literally falls upon Reina and Percival studying in the Veil de Caverns. A raided ruin by now, the site isn't known for housing aether, but that doesn't stop them from awakening what sleeps there.

Download Here!

The demo is about 7,600 words and takes you through the first chapter. Once you've complete the demo you unlock the demo content which includes stats of your game as well as a Survey.

The demo ends just at the start of Chapter 2, if you don't become a stain on the wall...

I thought it was super sweet, the two people talking to each other in a power out. I think moving the text boxes to the middle is easier on the eyes for reading, and you could expand the story by making it to read like a short story with actions and inner thoughts. Also, I feel you could give us insight if you chose a main character and show us their inner thoughts. Otherwise, it's sweet and I hope you keep writing.

Thank you for the feedback. :) I'm glad you commented. I think that there's more to the story that can be developed and more to learn about these characters. There's nothing planned for a sequel, however I have thought about it. We'll see. Thanks for giving it a shot.