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Aether Skies [Visual Novel, Dark Fantasy]

A topic by castingdreams created Mar 03, 2017 Views: 251
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The Exalt of Idwall once dedicated her life to the study of Aether, but now has more pressing matters; a mutilated king, a throne that was never meant to be hers, and a man who is the last of his kind. Her story was burned to ash and the pages are all but smeared across lies and rumors. Yet, I still remember.

Chapter 1: Aether (Demo Available)
Eir finds himself in the drylands of Idwall, chasing after a tiny thief who stole his mother's pendant when he literally falls upon Reina and Percival studying in the Veil de Caverns. A raided ruin by now, the site isn't known for housing aether, but that doesn't stop them from awakening what sleeps there.

Download Here!

The demo is about 7,600 words and takes you through the first chapter. Once you've complete the demo you unlock the demo content which includes stats of your game as well as a Survey.

The demo ends just at the start of Chapter 2, if you don't become a stain on the wall...