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You're welcome.

There will be six girls in the final version (or seven if you count the female version of the protagonist).

I've pushed a new version of the game (1.8.0) that may fix the issue.

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The game's price is $4.99 USD on both Steam and If you're using a different currency like Euros or Pounds, then the conversion rate and regional price may differ by platform. The game may also be discounted at different times on the two platforms, though right now they should be the same discount for the summer sale.

Unfortunately, Steam does not support android or APK files, so you can only get the game's android version on The windows, mac, and linux versions of the game are on both platforms.

When buying the game on, you'll be prompted to enter the amount you'd like to pay for it, and it'll display which files you will have access to if you pay that amount. You'll get all versions of the game for paying any valid amount, but you will only get the soundtrack if you pay $5.99 or more (currently discounted to $4.49).

You will get the game when it is released. I am not giving out early access builds.

Which version are you trying to use?

In any case, I've uploaded a new version of the game for android (version 0.9.1) that uses a static image instead of an animation for the main menu background. This should make the application playable for you.

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I'm asking about the software installed, not the kind of device. It should be somewhere in your settings, perhaps under "about phone". I'm guessing that it's Android 9, maybe?

If this is the only one of my games to not work, it probably has something to do with the video background for this game's main menu. I've tried it on my Android device and it works fine, but if it truly does crash on yours, then I'll look into it more.

What version of Android are you using? If it's older, it might not support the video format I'm using, and I'll need to change it to something else.

All scenes with CG art will be similar to the one in the demo with Yumi, so there won't be animations, sorry.

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Some relevant info:

  • At the time of the unintentional build release, only one of the eight characters had complete voice acting in the game (Adalyn). Four other characters (Celeste, Yumi, Male/Female Slimes) had a small portion done for the game's demo, but not the majority of their lines.
  • Yes, voice acting usually happens late in the development process, but it is not the only thing that happens late. I still have other things to work on, such as coding the movement of visual assets during scenes, arranging translations into languages besides English, writing more music for the game's soundtrack, and more.
  • Voice acting is fairly simple as a concept, but I do think you're underestimating the amount of time and effort it takes, especially for a novel-length game. There are over six thousand lines in the game, and after each one is recorded, I need to listen to them, pick the best take for each line and/or ask for retakes with changes, and edit/balance the audio so it sounds good. Once I have all the lines done, I sort and process them into the game, coding it to play each line at the correct time. I'm also figuring out the code for playing wordless moan loops during sex scenes while the lines aren't playing, which takes extra effort.

    I don't want to say you "know nothing  of video game design and can't understand how tedious the process is", but it is time-consuming work, I'm a one-man dev, and VA is not the only thing vying for my time and attention. I can only ask for your patience, and assure you that I'm trying to get it done as fast as possible without sacrificing quality and/or driving myself insane.

This is temporary, and will be changed once I have a solid plan for when the game is going to be done and ready for release.

I have pretty much all of the assets except the last bits of voice acting at this point, and I'm working on putting the game together. Still don't feel fully comfortable announcing an official release date, but I'm getting there.

This game is not abandoned. It's basically just been delayed massively because of the publisher, to the point where I've been working on my other project while I wait for the assets they've promised me, so that I'm not just sitting around doing nothing.

I definitely will finish this game eventually, but at this point I can't really tell when.

The game doesn't have a release date yet.

Not yet, sorry.

Currently there is only a demo version. The full version is still in development.

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The Steam and versions are identical except for some Steam-only features like cloud saves, achievements, Remote Play, etc. and the android version of the game is only available on

Buying the game on will also allow you to claim a free Steam key with your purchase.

Not at this time.

1) Simply put,  I started work on Slimy Sextet to fill time and give myself something to do while waiting for things that I need in order to work on Mahou Mating, so I always have something to be working on and I never waste time waiting around for something else to get done before being able to proceed. When it's not possible for me to work on Mahou Mating, I can work on Slimy Sextet. And vice versa. Having two projects in development at once is an attempt to be more productive.

2) I have planned about 3.5x the number of sex scenes from Steamy Sextet, but that's not the only improvement. Slimy Sextet will have sprites and background art for story scenes, original music rather than recycled tracks taken from previous games, and a much higher wordcount, since I'm not limiting the game's text to purely dialogue that will be voice-acted. If you think that the game as I've presented it isn't worth $14.99, then I can recommend waiting for when the game inevitably goes on sale, but that's the price that I currently think the final product will be worth.

The final version is already released.

When it's ready.
Development is slow right now, but I know it'll release in a much better state after all the time we're giving it.



The CGs are not animated.

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The game is still in development. It will be released eventually, but I cannot tell you when, given current circumstances.

If you're unsatisfied with the speed of development, you can request a refund for your preorder. (see

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The game is DRM-free on all platforms. The only thing you could potentially miss out on by getting the game on Steam instead of is the version for Android devices.

Regardless, if you want to support the game and the developer the most, then buy the game on Steam and write a positive review. It helps us reach more customers on the most popular platform for gaming.

No, unfortunately. Development is taking more time than expected, issues have arisen, and I don't have a clear prediction of when this game will be completed. However, rest assured that I do intend to finish this project, and I am working my way towards that goal.

Thanks for your support, and I'm glad you enjoyed playing my games! I hope my future titles live up to your expectations. =)

Yes, there is a walkthrough.

Then feel free to use the direct downloads from The game itself is the same on all platforms.

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Yes, buying the game on will let you claim a free steam key from the downloads page.

I can’t give an exact date, as the game is still being developed and I recently had to revise plans after associating with Critical Bliss as a publisher. However, it should be ready before the end of 2020.

Yes. Femdom is only present in the first part of the game. After that, it's payback time.

There is a mix of both maledom and femdom. Essentially, it is a revenge story in which the girls start out dominant, but are then made to be submissive as the story progresses and the protagonist gains the upper hand.

Unfortunately, I don't know. You may want to contact support.

Alternately, once the game releases, you can buy the soundtrack as a separate purchase on Steam or Bandcamp.

Impossible to know for sure, but fun to imagine, yeah.

Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing!

Yes, the style is more eastern. I hired a new art team for this game, and character art is different as a result.

It's not likely. This game was shorter than DKD and Magebuster by intention, and was priced accordingly. My general strategy regarding it is to make it accessible over profitable, and promote my other games. Because of that, now that it's finished, I will be moving on to another project that will be priced higher, contain more content, and be a better product. I am also moving on to work with a different team of artists for my future games, so going back to this one will be even harder.

This game is likely in it's final state, but rest assured, I am working on future games and content.