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Thank you so much!!!! (also make sure you download the newest update, it has more content now!!)

Thank you so much! 🥰

It's based on a park in Fort Myers called Centennial Park! But I wanted it to resemble any waterside park in south Florida, so I'm glad it felt so authentic to you!! :D

Yup, south Florida! It's where I'm from and still live today. Hi fellow Florida Man/Woman!

I'm so happy you enjoyed it!!! Please stick around for when the other routes get finished and let me know what you think! ^^ thank you so much!!

OMG........ this is extremely flattering! Thank you so much!!!!!!!! Comments like this give me LIFE 😭♥️

Here's the walkthrough that I posted to the game's Tumblr a long time ago

oh, this is an important reminder for me to post the walkthrough!!! thank you so much, i'm going to do a second devlog tonight posting it <3 <3 <3

I'm sorry for the delay! T_T

hi! thank you so much for playing and enjoying it!! ^^

what do you mean by commercial game? as in, will the first version cost money? i'm planning on turning "pay what you want" back on in the future, but there will always be an option to play the game for free!

omg... this message made me so happy. I'm SO HAPPY to hear that you enjoyed the demo!! Every time someone leaves a comment like this it reinvigorates my determination to finish the game! Thank you so much for playing it and for saying such nice things about it!!! ;u; I hope you look forward to playing more eventually!

omg, thank you so much for the amazing praise!!! ToT

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thank you so much!! I hope I can get the full game out soon...ish!

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lol, I'm so glad you liked it!!!! ^_^ thank you!

Thank you!! I'm hoping to maybe have the full version done for 2019! (hopefully ^^; )

This game is super cute.  I enjoyed it :3 and I want to snuggle Anzo.

Hello everyone! I'm a noob to the VN scene, making a game completely by myself for the first time. My project is called Saucy Suitors. It's a comedy otome game where you can date personifications of table condiments, such as ketchup, mustard, etc. The project has become bigger than I anticipated so I might just be released a demo of the final version for NaNoRenO, depending on how much I get done. I've been tweeting about my experience so far on Twitter at @oddlazdo if anyone is interested!