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Yup, south Florida! It's where I'm from and still live today. Hi fellow Florida Man/Woman!

I'm so happy you enjoyed it!!! Please stick around for when the other routes get finished and let me know what you think! ^^ thank you so much!!

You're very welcome :)  

Also, I have a question:  Was there a specific park used for the background?  It just reminds me of one my family used to visit all the time when I was a little girl (and still go to on occasion).  It's called Currie Park.  I know it's not the only park in southern Florida that's on the water, but I saw the background and immediately thought of it.  It's even near the downtown West Palm Beach area and has a memorial statue.


It's based on a park in Fort Myers called Centennial Park! But I wanted it to resemble any waterside park in south Florida, so I'm glad it felt so authentic to you!! :D

Yeah, it did.  I ended up picturing where I live, which added an extra level of immersion to my playthrough.  Anyway, great game and I can't way to play the other boys' routes!  :)

Thank you so much! 🥰