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thanks so much for replying, will definetely try to fix these problems as it is my second jam so cant wait to update!

I Enjoyed the Concept of the game however there was no way for me to understand what the controls were or what the objects I was picking up were, other than that, I rate this game a 4/5 stars and would play again~!

I'm sorry, here is a better link for it since this didn't seem to work

I enjoyed this game, even though I felt like I was frustrated with that giant jump over the bookshelf overall its a solid 4/5 stars :3 the redo and out of reach themes were used perfectly and so cleverly :D

I thought this was a nice game although I was a bit confused on how to play it, so I wasn't able to pass the first level :/

This game is lit 

I keep dying but I really like how much more polished its become!


I absolutely love this XD

I take inspiration from that game and hope to link this old one to all of my games in one big game someday like he did! I'm so glad you saw it that way ^u^

Thank you so much! you definetely helped me!

I really liked this, there were some glitches and it definetely wasn't hard at all! It was really good for a game made in two days and I thought the title and concept were hilarious!

No problem ^^

I absolutely loved this game!! It felt really finished even though it was done in only two days!! I love how theres more than one mode so you can challenge yourself and for some reason I was in an acid trip, the only bad thing I could think of was that there wasn't more!

well, the controls felt a little bit all over the place so it was hard to remember which control was which and it'd be better if it were just a couple controlling the plane, also I felt the plane speed was a bit slow even when speeding up. I don't think it should be sped up to 4000, just a little bit more so it's not as if you're waiting to get to the island all the time

I was going for something else but I couldn't implement the things  I wanted because of this, I will be finishing this game, but as something else. thank you for the feedback!

I loved the Narration and it was super addictive, although the controls and the speed of the plane wasn't good I Still really thought it was good for being done in two days!

I really liked the artwork and how you had to look for the marbles in each room!

wow Its so cool!!! I like it and cant wait to play it

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I rushed It was 6 seconds and i panicked

I'm making a visual novel based off of The Lgbt community! since i'm not that good at coding i'm going to start by using ren 'py

oh wow your art is so nice! I wish I could color like that ;-;