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A jam submission

Neil DePlatform tysonView game page

First Game In UnityEngine
Submitted by Atreyu_o — 1 second before the deadline

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Neil DePlatform tyson's page


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Sound Effects#1001.1111.111

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What INSPIRED this game?
I love Neil Degrasse tyson

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a simple platform game, but congratulations for your first project!
(there are some physics concerns to correct and it's good)


You seem to have physics calculations on Update() which is framerate dependent (not good), use FixedUpdate() instead. My virtualized i3-4170 couldn't keep up (30-40FPS) resulting on various bugs and glitches. The camera is also a bit wanky, try making it a child of the Player or you can use Vector3.SmoothDamp inside Update() to make it nice and smooth.


Thank you so much! you definetely helped me!


No problem. Just a quick update: I got it running on another VM at 450FPS (...) and got a lot further. Keep making and finishing games! :)


The humor and WTF factor was high, I'm glad you submitted it!

It also puts me in the mind of "Stanley Parables" game, where Stanley has all these weird, unfinished games, by themselves they don't have as much power, but when linked together with a narrator and a really weird plot, it takes on a whole new meaning.   


I take inspiration from that game and hope to link this old one to all of my games in one big game someday like he did! I'm so glad you saw it that way ^u^


Awesome!! :)


I laughed when I died and got pulled all over the place, but other than that, the game feels kind of incomplete. It didn't even let me restart the level after I died. I would recommend taking it as a learning experience and moving on to a new project, because unfortunately, this one doesn't have an identity of its own. It's just a basic platformer with pictures of NDT in the background. I'm guessing there are components that you can take away and incorporate into a more unique game.


I was going for something else but I couldn't implement the things  I wanted because of this, I will be finishing this game, but as something else. thank you for the feedback!


This is one of the best games that i have played in my entire life

i mean colored platformers .... come on .. no one does that ... genius 

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

I rushed It was 6 seconds and i panicked