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Play as the king of pigs and reclaim lost scrolls from the castle basement!
Submitted by Bouncing Turtle — 8 minutes, 4 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of the Limitation#512.5882.588

Ranked from 17 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
Michael Williams

Software used
Construct 3

Use of the limitation
Buttons that take certain weight or impacts to trigger

Cookies eaten
0 Trying to shed some pounds

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In this type of game, the player often has to switch back to the character he or she was controlling immediately before, but the amount of operation required is high because the switching is one-way.

In addition, when the controlled character goes off-screen, the player's recognition load increases considerably.

All of this adds up to more time spent just manipulating puzzles than worrying about how to solve them, and that's a shame.

I think it would be more intuitive to use two keys to switch between characters in both directions, and base the switching on the character's X coordinate.

Also, since the entire level is large and involves a lot of movement, it might be nice to have a mode where you control everyone at the same time. Or perhaps we should simply shorten the distance we have to travel.

Anyway, it was a well-made and fun game.


Thank you for the feedback, in the current build you can switch back to the King by pressing E, I'm tinkering with the controls at the moment and think E for King and Q for minion switching would be ideal and reworking space as Jump as I've also had a bit of feedback about space being unintuitive for switching.
I hadn't thought of the directional switching I think that's a great idea! I'll see what it takes to incorporate that

There is a mechanic to make moving around easier as you can stack everyone on one pig and move that one I have them all spawn in a tower to try and make that quick to pick up but I'm in the process of reworking the tutorial to make it more clear.

I appreciate you taking the time to provide so much feedback, thank you!


A really fun platformer with a lot of personality. Really cute graphic, lively animation, good sound, and witty little one-liners when the pigs respawn.

Clever puzzles, but I managed to make it all the way through. Good game!


Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Well done! Solid entry overall!

very fun game, I liked it

I really like the idea here, and the sprite work is great. I think the level design could be a bit tighter, so there's less walking around. Also the music is very repetitive, becomes grating after a while. I think the game could benefit from some sound effects too. Overall though this feels very unique, I like it.


Thanks for the feedback! I agree with the music, its not really my forte but I'm going to find something a little more suitable. I put it off to the last minute and grabbed the first looping music that kind of fit 10 minutes before the deadline lol.


The mechanic is well made although it suffers from most games like this where it's not that fluid to switch between characters (but using one button to switch does help a lot).  When I fell with the key in the last level my minion was stuck in the jump animation and then teleported back to me, not sure if having to die there is a feature or not but I don't think getting stuck in the air was.  You did so many small improvements it's amazing!  The king swiping automatically, pigs spawning in stacked up so you can carry them all with the bottom one, dying with a minion spawns it back at the king, wow! Great use of the limitation and the game is really fun!


Thank you for all the kind words, I was thinking of adding a key to switch to the previous entity, and I'm working on fixing lots of bugs I think I have fixed the one you experienced, I wasn't able to recreate it consistently.


This game was really nice and the art was beautiful. I enjoyed this game and its challenges with with teamwork of the pigs!


really good game


The sprites you have used are very nice, even if it's not an original creation of yours, you know how to use them and the detail gives it lighting gives it personality. The physics and mechanics of the game are very well done, the use of the limitation, even if it's not very original, is very well implemented, congratulations!


Thank you very much for the kind words.
I've given up on trying to be original and focused entirely on making it fun even if it borrows basically everything from games that already exist. I think this is probably the best game I've ever made as it's the first game that I've legitimately had a lot of fun playing and making.


Great game and the art is solid too


I like the concept. Overall very good game.