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I can def see where variety would add a lot to the game. I was trying to stick with a limited palette. thanks for playing!

Absolutely amazing game. I'd love to see this game expanded on. So good!!!!

Thanks for the play. Glad you like it! Hopefully I will have some time to expand on this project in the near future.

thanks so much  :)

Thank you! Im glad you enjoyed it so much! I used Construct 3.

Great concept! A bit difficult but wasnt too bad. Well done!

Love how you implemented the theme! Game was great all around!

The 3rd person view made it difficult to judge how close i was to red blocks. I love the concept. Other wise job well done.

The art was great. Was sure what to do on most waves. Well done.

This was a nice game! I only died on the tutorial lol. Interesting concept. I like it a lot,

Well done! Gratz on your first jam! I only last like 14, 13, 13, and 18 secs. I guess im too slow lol. 

I dont even know what to say! Its too much like real life. Well done i guess.... :D

Nice game! Would like more but I understand its a jam game. Well done. 

When i saw the thumbnail i though "oh god its another pour the liquids in the vials game." but i was pleasantly surprised with what it turned out to be. Well done. Love the retro music!

Such simplicity and fun at the same time! Well done.

Well done puzzle game. I enjoyed it very much, very challenging!

Well done and gratz on your first jam! great artwork! Only thing missing was some chill diving tunes. Not a big deal though in a jam game.

Love the concept of this game. Was quite difficult but definitely fun. The pixel art is fantastic btw! Well done.

Glad you like pink :D  Great score! I think I even got that high. Thanks for playing!

Why do crabs throw so much poop?!??!??!?!?  (assuming is was crab poop.) Well done. The movement mechanic was a weird take but it was fun. 

Im glad you like the colors! :D Sorry about your ears, but really wanted the player to know when they were hit. Thanks for playing.

Awesome game! Character was very cute.  Could use some light chill music but its not a big deal. Well done.

Thank you very much! :D

Pretty fun game. That is until you have to watch 9 different screens!!!! Nice work on this. Unique take on the theme.

Great game. The squishy character is nice. The side to side movement was hard to get used to because its very fast with very little  deceleration. But I also feel that would handle better with a gamepad. Love the 2 color palette and the art style. Music was great as well. Nice job!

I agree the movement should be faster. I did try to give a  the player object a dash mechanic but I could not get it to work properly so for now  I had to let it be.  Thanks for playing and I'm glad you liked what you saw.

Hey Ghostbit, you should add some screenshots so people know what they are getting. :D


Im not saying you can't, but it will limit plays you get during the ranking period. Not everyone has (or wants) access to an emulator.

As long its playable in HTML or Windows download.

Worst ever. No tutorial in a jam game??? Pathetic!

I came to play and return the favor or rating your game. But I can't get the game to play. I downloaded 3 times and each time got a files missing error. 

Though it all looked awesome, I had no idea what to do with it. 

Nice work Foozle! You are a wiz with the 3d object and more so with the 3d camera! I love the concept you put together with this game, though I sucked at it lol. I hope you continue working on it. Only issue for me was the camera switching was confusing. 

It was an external plugin.

Good entry for a beginning game developer. Like many others have said, your collisions were your biggest issue.  Not much to critique other than that. I've seen you in Xanderwoods discord. If you need help with anything in construct feel free to @ me. Keep making games, you can only get better! 

The cut scene was superb!  Not sure what I was supposed to do with the game though. I killed all the aliens(turned them into blue blocks).  I liked that it was isometric, not many do that for jam game.  Overall well done!

This is great! Well done. Very polished. And the enemy explosion's were juicy. Only issue is that got shot from stray bullets when no enemies were on the screen at the time which was only once. Not a big deal though. 

Really fun concept. Took me a minute to figure out I could draw with the seaweed to keep the pufferfish on screen. Really fun game. I could see this as a mobile game. Well Done!