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(24th Mini Jam) Play as the Cute Astronaut L.O, fly around befriending Cute Planets while avoiding very un-cute barriers
Submitted by Mr.Hippo β€” 1 hour, 32 minutes before the deadline
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Simple and it works, and you even managed to get some music in! Even if its a very short loop.

It does however have quite a lot of flaws and is quite short, with the level design being rather unvaried, which is not a bit surprise if you made it in such a short time, but it works well enough even with them. Good job :)


Hahah thank you! Despite the flaws im happy with the result. My previous game jam game was a complete buggy mess and was on the border of  not even being a game but just a slide show of bugs, and that game took me 3 days to make πŸ˜… But this time i took my time or well in the time i had and used it good without stressing and i feel like that really helped a lot, as well as turning down the scope a tad bit more. :D 



Curious about that cop-out ending. In the time it took you to write "the devs got tired", you could have written a more satisfying ending. "You've befriended all the planets in the system." Or was that a deliberate meta-narrative about tropes in games?


You could see it that way :) Tbh i was actually about to fall asleep when i finished it (around 4am) so it’s probably more a result of a lack of coming up with anything more interesting. But your explanation sounds better πŸ˜…


03:53... Other than the weird respawn it was fun...


Hahah thanks yeah i guess the respawn bug does slow you down quite a bit. In my experience you get the best time by actually taking your time and not stressig through the levels πŸ˜„


I beat the game it was pretty fun.  I would always glitch past the first wall from the spawn to avoid some of the level.


Oh and its fun to hear you liked it! :D As stated in the game description the bugs doesn't necessarily need to be bad :P


aCUTEly good!

Developer (1 edit)


Good Job! :)

Developer (2 edits)