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Yeah I guess I should have made the left right controls a little less jumpy and just smother.  The green obstacles have 3 patterns and one is completely random where it will go.   The other two just go left to right or right to left.  I kinda just wanted the game to kill the player at that point simply because there is no content after that.  In fact the moving obstacles are a little bugged too because only one is supposed to be active at a time.  

Anyway thanks for playing and commenting I appreciate the feedback.

I beat the game it was pretty fun.  I would always glitch past the first wall from the spawn to avoid some of the level.

I got to level 3 I had to turn down my mouse sensitivity to be able to navigate better.  Still I had fun.

Very simple and very fun.  Also the death explosion is cool

I really liked the art style.  This also kinda reminds me of a calculator game.

I really liked the death graphics.

That's farther than I ever got and it speeds up every 500.

Move the mouse above the circle to go down