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hi! You have to press beside where it says play. So like the blurry part in the middle of the screen. I think I’ve mentioned it in the bug list in description - it’s not supposed to be like that.

thank u <3

I love this hahahah

Omg this is so difficult to complete?! I think we need to call NASA or something because this Kholodov guy is a got a damn genius

this socks!

(no hate, just commented for the pun. Cool game)

what happens When you try to play?

aah cool I’ll check it out

If you look at the gif you’ll see how you’re supposed to drag it 👍

Not rly sure, i made this like over a year ago and during the time iv’e kinda dropped game development for composing and producing music. But I’m happy to see that people are still playing the game. 🙏

Thanks man 🙏

So violent xD

Cute game though, you should be proud of your work :)

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This game actually feels professional and really polished for a 3D game for a jam. The ship battles were a bit hard to understand as there was no indication of enemy health but really that's not a big problem. Also gotta say the music is really well done and fits great with the style.

All in all, great job Reeds. :D

Very cool game. I must say i really like the ship art whoever made it must be really talented xD

Nah but seriously i really liked the game, the atmosphere was very relaxing which led to a very relaxing experience :)

Hey cool game it felt very polished. Maybe till next time though add more fighting? Right now the game is very short, but i liked the premise.

You should be proud of your work :D

Great game :D

The Opponents could however be a bit harder as at the moment i found myself winning every time without much effort. I can imagine this being pretty fun though with a friend and the music and art is really well done imo. 

All in all a really cute and fun game that i could definetly see myself playing with my friends :D You should all be proud of your work :)

Cool game :D

It's really challenging but surprisingly satisfactory to catch em driplets :P

Maybe add a bit more health though and make the drops and non drops spawn in slower at the start. Otherwise i liked it, you should be proud of your game :)

Loved it xD

The game looks great and is very impressive for only being made in 2 days :O

Good job you should be really proud of your game :D

Hahah thank you! Despite the flaws im happy with the result. My previous game jam game was a complete buggy mess and was on the border of  not even being a game but just a slide show of bugs, and that game took me 3 days to make 😅 But this time i took my time or well in the time i had and used it good without stressing and i feel like that really helped a lot, as well as turning down the scope a tad bit more. :D 

Hahah thanks yeah i guess the respawn bug does slow you down quite a bit. In my experience you get the best time by actually taking your time and not stressig through the levels 😄

You could see it that way :) Tbh i was actually about to fall asleep when i finished it (around 4am) so it’s probably more a result of a lack of coming up with anything more interesting. But your explanation sounds better 😅

Oh and its fun to hear you liked it! :D As stated in the game description the bugs doesn't necessarily need to be bad :P

Cool game! Im really impressed by the graphics, when i loaded iy up ans saw the menu screen it almost felt like i was playing an AAA game so you definetly deserve a lot of credit for that. 

The gameplay however felt a bit clunky and well not very engaging, maybe its because of the mouse limitation that it feels kinda weird but at the same time isn't that what makes this game stand out from the rest of games like this. I'd say the movement might need some working on (for example faster) as well as the collisions.

Never the less, you've made a really great looking game and you should be really proud of yourself for making and submitting a game :D

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Hi i could probably help you out with the writing and the music and if you need me to i can do some art as well (pixel art). Just tell me what the game is and what limitations i have (i have never used gm2 before so i dont know if theres any limitations just wanna be sure) 😀🙏 

Cool aesthetic, i really like the theme and the cover image. I couldn't really get what i was supposed to do though? are you supposed to rotate the papers until they line up perfectly? Otherwise cool little game you should be proud of your work :)

I liked it :D Tbh im not very good at these kind of games either but from what i played i can see you put a lot of hard work into it and even though i didn't play for long i had a fun time :D

Maybe having it a bit more clear that you dont move diagonally when you press the "diagonal" button would've been nice, i found myself quite a couple of times trying to move diagonally just to realise that i wasn't moving at all. Maybe i missed something in the text but in general just more clarity when it comes to all the different buttons could be useful. :)

Other than that i havn't got much to say, you've made a really cool game and you should be proud of your work! :D

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Cool little game 😄 I agree with all criticism said before, the gravity is a bit too high, death, which happent alot in my playtrough, can also get a bit annoying and the gear colliders could use some tuning. I dont have much for critique more than what has allready been said. I like the art style and that is one cute bird :D

I think you should be really proud of what you’ve made and submitted and i wish you the best of luck in your future dev-ing endevours! 😁🙏

I really like music and style although i was getting the effects like tykenn (in 4 boxes) which was very nauseating and with the sharp turns and sensitive narrow track i very quickly got dizzy. Other than that i thought this was a really chill game and i really like the walpole reference :D

You should be proud of your work and if you update it later on maybe ill come and try it again :)

Awesome game, i really loved the mirror effect! As previously said a narrator kinda like in Stanley parable would've been a real nice touch but that would've been way out of scope for a game jam game :D If you plan on ever continuing work on the project some optimization would work wonders too.  Other than that i dont have much to say, you've made a really great game, especially for being your first time :O

You should be really proud, good luck with your future dev-ing :D

Hi i played your game and really enjoyed it! I posted a comment too :D

Absolutely gorgeous music and art, really love the style you went with. Really liked the story and the world. Some more dialogue choices would've been nice but i understand that this is a game jam game and just the game you managed to pull off is amazing. Dont have much more to say, it was an overall enjoyable experience :D

You should all be really proud of your work :)

Sounds awesome ill definetly try the full version! :D


Really cool game! Found it because we have the same name :P

Very interesting game with some really good dialogue, really gave these short lived characters some personality :D Would love to see more of it :)

Thank you so much man really appreciated. Ill try and keep working on the game as much as i can! :D

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Hi thanks for playing and leaving me some feedback! :D I know there isn't anywhere to shoot at the moment but ill be sure to add that in in the future :) Great to hear you liked the music :D Hm, yes a keyboard input only would probably be more fitting! :)

Ill try out your game too looks cool :)

Ha thanks! :D I know its not very clear what to do and what to dodge etc. I agree a timer or score and a ramping difficulty would be really great, i didnt really have time to implement it but ill do that in the future! :) As mentioned very much in my previous comments the health bar size was a last minute mistake not a design choice, but i hear you and will get to fixing that straight away :D The whole bullets are your enemy aspect was really a last minute call because i realised that i had accidentaly assigned the health to the bullets aswell :P 

Some hard truths can sometimes be needed to really understand what is wrong with the game so i thank you for that :) ill try and check out your game too! 😀🙏