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I liked it :D Tbh im not very good at these kind of games either but from what i played i can see you put a lot of hard work into it and even though i didn't play for long i had a fun time :D

Maybe having it a bit more clear that you dont move diagonally when you press the "diagonal" button would've been nice, i found myself quite a couple of times trying to move diagonally just to realise that i wasn't moving at all. Maybe i missed something in the text but in general just more clarity when it comes to all the different buttons could be useful. :)

Other than that i havn't got much to say, you've made a really cool game and you should be proud of your work! :D

Thanks for trying it out, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Ooof, there's no diagonals in this game (except the Banshee attack), it never occurred to me that the change-facing buttons might be mistaken for a diagonal movement. I was thinking about putting "tool-tips" on them, I guess I should get on that!