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Submitted by Cyber — 14 hours, 42 minutes before the deadline
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Clickteam fusion developer 2.5

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A tutorial in a jam game? Really neat!

The puzzly aspect of the game was quite fun, and like for Topper it reminded me of lemmings~

I feel a few of the puzzles almost solved themselves, but I guess that's fine for the first few levels to sort of get a feel for the game.

Good job!


The mechanic is unique, having the ability to only interact with the environment. I would have liked to see more objects that could be manipulated by the player in some way. The tutorial is laid out pretty well, but it does not explain the exact conditions of jumping in the specific situations the player will be in. Some more variety in the backgrounds, even different colors, would be good too. Good job overall!


What do we have here? I feel some Lemmings inspiration! Character puzzler are some of my favorite games, and this is definitely in that area. It has a good style, a fitting music score (if a bit repetitive) and the puzzles had enough variation. Would have liked a bit of sound effects.

Its not without flaws however. First of: the AI clearly has rules that it follows to move, what those rules are however was rather unclear at times and made trying to "pre"-navigate how to solve a level difficult as I could not always guess how the AI would react. That said, it did work, as I solved the levels rather smoothly, but the perception of the player is important.

I also fond the waiting very tiresome. I also agree with KingW and plexsoup that a speed up option should be there. While it may lessen the time it takes to play the game as you say, you have to take in account the value of the time spent in the game. If all I have to do is wait for the AI to complete a run after I have finished all my needed interactions, then that's NOT good/valued time spent on a level. I dont feel adding the option would take away anything from the game (also there is no shame in a shorter game).

Also, while the limitation is very nicely implemented (you did cheat a but with the "R" key tho :P),I am not fully sold on the representation of the Space theme. Honestly, more then the title "Space Leaper" I cant really see any of the theme in the game (the color pallet maybe?). Not that it HAS to be very clear, but just personal I do like when you can see the theme clearer.

Overall, good concept! Stands out from the rest of the entries. Good job.


Great puzzles. I agree with KingW. I would have loved a way to speed up time.


Yes, but I think that the game would be very short

Thank you for your feedback!


Great mechanic idea! The level design is good and the use of the mouse is smart. One thing, your character moves way to slow. Maybe make RMB speed up time?


Maybe, but I think that's unnecessary

Thank you for your feedback!


The tutorial section and the walkthrough of it was pretty damn good. Interesting concept and the music blended beautifully .


Thanks! :)