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This game was pretty fun to play! The effects of collecting points and 3D asteroids do a lot to make the game look more dynamic. Just as I was getting tired of seeing the basic enemies, larger ones start homing in on me! It was also a pleasant surprise to see enemies shooting back at me, even though they took way too many hits.

I did not notice it at first, but there appears to be a shield system in play, as it absorbs a hit and has to recharge. It adds more depth to have mechanics like that, as they are employed automatically but offer more decision making opportunities to the player. 

If you do plan to add more to this game using it as a base, I would like to see power-ups that can be activated with the right mouse button. Lasers, increased shielding, you have several possibilities. I would like to see a way to add replayability to spice up multiple playthroughs as well. Maybe some form of branching paths that can be chosen by flying left or right? 

I managed to get a score of 142 and the super end, and found the complete hard stop of an ending to be hilarious. Good job on this!

A well polished game all around. The mechanics are solid and the visual pointer was nice to have. It gets pretty easy when you learn how to strafe. If the enemies had some variety in their pattern or tactic it would be more interesting to see how they interact with each other.

Pretty fun game!

This game has potential to be a comedic kind of game, like a parody of space and endless runners. The jumping was the weirdest aspect, as it completely stops the momentum of the increasing run speeds. The double jump is nice to have, though it makes all the platforming pretty straightforward. Having the stick of doom removes the need to think about timing attacks, but it lends itself as another joke a funny game like this would have. The audio did make me chuckle for its novelty.

Keep up the good work!

This is easily one of the best looking games in the jam, your use of shaders is very impressive. I like the gradual color changes approaching different planets.

While its a personal design belief that games need choices to be interesting, not every game needs a set goal to be an enjoyable experience. I do like the vast empty feeling that the long travel time conveys. I would have liked if there was more stuff in the ship to interact with during these long travel times. I got the impression that the astronaut enjoys the beauty of space, but it can be boring to pass the time as well. If the game was going for a more story based approach, showing more of the character's story through his spaceship environment would have a lot more impact. Getting a souvenir from each planet would add that slight bit of meaningful progression this game needs.

Great job on the atmosphere, I hope you work on it some more after the jam period ends.

I like the creativity and clarity this game has. It has some light strategy that presents good choices to make from beginning to end. Even though the ships were tiny to see, it was clear to see a large group of them. At times where every planet was sending out ships, I would get some slowdown.

I would like to see where the game would go if you plan to develop it more. I do fancy tactic games like this.  Good job!

I like the ability too send out a lot of probes at the same time. It has the same charm as the arcade game defender. I was sad to see I had to sacrifice Matt to save the Rover by slamming him into Mars. With some more goals and limits I can see it being a cool kind of simulation game with some specific aspect of space in mind.

The mechanic is unique, having the ability to only interact with the environment. I would have liked to see more objects that could be manipulated by the player in some way. The tutorial is laid out pretty well, but it does not explain the exact conditions of jumping in the specific situations the player will be in. Some more variety in the backgrounds, even different colors, would be good too. Good job overall!

King is correct! When you hit a button without a note being there, you get stunned. It was done so it would not be possible to mash the keys to get every note. The stun time may be too long, as missing during the barrage is nearly a instant death. Thanks for the feedback, I try to improve the conveyance in my games over time.

Awesome! Good to know it makes a difference. Thank you!