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How to jump :_:

loved it. the visual aesthetics and the sfx go well each other. I noticed a few minor bugs where the level won't restart after losing aside from that well done! I enjoyed it a lot.

The art was amazing the puzzles felt nice. Some clear instructions about the even would have felt better

I dunno how it works but it sure is fun!!

best of luck man!

i had a tough time understanding, but when I got it I got hooked! Good job man!

Good work. Some audio would have felt really nice.

Solid game, really liked the juices in it.  The flashing coin/token. The damage particles, and when the asteroid creates little pieces after getting destroyed. Absolutely lovely.

thank you for your feedback, in the engine the asteroids were actually coming outside the camera and destroying below. But in the build it got messed up. Thank you I'll research and  look into the matter.

The tutorial section and the walkthrough of it was pretty damn good. Interesting concept and the music blended beautifully .

thank you for your feedback <3

def not worst! I loved the simplicity and the UI. Keep up the good work!

I just walked for couple of minutes and nothing else. It felt soo good!! Love it!

Thank you for your feedback, the music felt lack luster to me as well. I was short on time. Umm I did add screenshake while firing bullets and when enemies died, So that means I need to increase the intensity of it. Again THnak you for your feedback it helps a lot.

That animation between levels though!!! Loved it!

Thank you!!! 

Loved it!

Loved it, goes well with the theme. A BGM or other sounds would have been nice. Overall it was really good. Loved the aesthetics and theme.