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I see! That's really awesome - I've been working myself on making ECS/DOTS (with Jobs and Burst) work in WebGL, which was an ordeal especially because the Hybrid Renderer does not yet support WebGL so I'm using Companion GameObjects for now (with all logic applied to entities and just the transform of the GameObject synced every frame).

There were a few other gotchas if you're interested, but at this point your approach seems way more feasible (also for not using preview packages~) Good work, thank you for sharing~!

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Does this build for WebGL/run in browsers?

This is an exceptional jam entry. Everything is very consistent and polished, the concept is brilliant, the gameplay is enjoyable, the colour schemes fit well together, the music selection sets the mood... yeah~!

Overall a truly great jam game, thank you for submitting~!

It's a very hard game, probably could have used a bit more telegraphing or zooming out so you can see stuff before it hits you. Quite punishing to be sent back to level 1, too :p

As well, some of the sprites seem to have linear filtering instead of nearest neighbour filtering, making the pixel art blurry~.

Nevertheless, the game works well enough and the core gameplay loop is functional. Thank you for submitting~!

A decent idea for a jam game, and congratulations on your first successful Mini Jam submission~!

There are a few janky behaviours with the movement controller, as I'm sure you're aware, and I did end up getting cornered by a crow and having to quit the game~.

Overall, though, the game is a good entry for the jam, thank you for submitting :)

Very enjoyable and pleasing to play. The refuel scene is a really neat touch, and reminds me of Solar Jetman for the NES. The astronaut sprite is also really cute~!

I personally have gripes with linearly interpolated pixel art, so I would've preferred nearest neighbour scaling for the sprites, but that's not a big issue :)

Solid core gameplay loop, sneaking around dodging bullets and firing was fun.

Audio was simple but neat~

For 12 hours, this is really enjoyable and nicely presented, with vibes from both Hotline Miami and Thomas was Alone. Good job~!

A few observations:

  • As others point out, the screenshake effect ends up being quite jarring because the effect is strong and doesn't resolve cleanly, meaning the camera teleports back sometimes several times per second.
  • Since there's no reason not to fire as quickly as you can at all times, it might be worth implementing a held autofire (or just always be shooting). Alternatively, there should be a downside to shooting that discourages doing it 100% of the time~.
  • As far as I could tell, there is no indication of your health, so it might regenerate slowly but I have no idea when that happens.

I'm not a big fan of apples, but this was fun to play. Simple but solid concept. Music was awesome!

+1 for not having red apples, those are the worst :p

Took a while to be able to "win" consistently, but the flow of things made me keep going :3

Nice variety of crops. White text was a bit hard to read in winter, and the game was punishingly difficult at first, but it was worth sticking with it I feel :)

Sound effect for season changes was a bit aggressive on my ears, but I appreciate that there's any sound in the first place :)

Main take-away: capitalism is bad uwu, and give my compliments to your cat for this game

Having an installer instead of using itch's capability of launching zipped Unity games directly from the itch app required unnecessary effort to get the game running. A web build would have helped, as well.

I'm not quite sure how seasons fit into all of this, but in fairness they don't strictly have to.

Nice that you got audio into the game~ And the various sprites are very identifiably enemies, earth, etc., good job on those~

As for the gameplay, I found it pretty hard to get the "orbit-bullets" (?) to go even remotely where I wanted them, meaning I could only comfortably manage around 40 seconds before my sun died :(

That said, the game was enjoyable enough for me to play a few rounds trying to improve my score :)

This was a super fun puzzle game, amazing that you made engaging and meaningful and balanced puzzles for a game jam, it's really good (I made it through to the end!)

The graphics are very consistent and neat, as well.

Overall a great game, start to finish. Good job!

Yeah this was a simple but solid game!

The art fits well together considering how many artists were involved, and I do love me some parallax scrolling :3 Music was great and fitting, too.

I could definitely see this as a neopets game :3

It worked well enough for me in the itch app~

This is a neat little game that unfortunately crashed for me after a while on my second planet.

The art style is nice, and it's impressive how you managed to have three different mechanics in one, basically – exploring planets for resources, crafting fuel and spaceship, and then also going to space to go to different planets. Nice~!

Glad you got it working! For some reason it still won't install through the itch app, but it works well enough when downloading the zip manually~

As for the game: The fact that you made these things yourself and managed to submit within the deadline is really cool!

There were a bit too many busters of ghosts for me to play for very long before dying :p but the effect where the person's spirit leaves their body when you catch them was really nice~!

Too difficult to do much in, but the idea is fun and works well~!

A great idea, executed really well!

I got pretty far but then the other cheerleaders had the audacity to start mixing moves, how dare they~!

Nah, it was a really fun game, the idea works, the art is lovely, the music fitting – overall a very enjoyable game!

Cute little game. The note for your professor helped build the character, I wouldn't tell people to ignore it~

Nice sound effects and music~!

Love the art, such cute animations and the "speech" bubbles are a really nice touch.

Wall-jumping was super difficult to pull off, and sometimes regular jumps wouldn't work properly~

The immediate controls and small screen size compared to gravity made the game really difficult, but I got pretty far (at least far enough to see the dog!)~

Music is nice, and art really does it for this game. Despite not being able to complete it fully, I liked what I did play :)

Tip for distribution:
If you use .zip instead of .rar, and only zip the game files inside the above-mentioned "Builds" folder, the app lets people install your game directly from the app :3

Wow, what a pretty game~!

You can't do much, of course, but it was really relaxing to wander around the forest (and surprising to stumble upon what I must assume is the Beast).

The art was sublime, the camera controls smooth, and the music really fitting for the game. Great job, even if it isn't a finished game~ :)

Phew, hard game! I almost made it through, I think! At least dealt a blow to the red one!

Simple yet consistent art style, I like it~ Oh, and custom voice acting is always a plus!

And all in one day? Impressive!

Tips for distribution:

  • You've uploaded the entire Unity project, which is multitudes larger in file size than just uploading the build. I recommend making a "Builds" folder in your Unity folder and building into that.
  • If you use .zip instead of .rar, and only zip the game files inside the above-mentioned "Builds" folder, the app lets people install your game directly from the app :3

Impressive amount of assets, I like it!

The art style is quirky but consistent, so that's great~

I didn't care much for the music (I'm sorry~), but honestly just having music you've made yourself is a feat, so have some points for that!

I wasn't good enough to actually get through any of the levels, sadly, but they're really well themed and each with their own unique challenges, which is a nice change of pace~!

This was very difficult!

Like plexsoup I would've liked to see a wrap-around level as well, but if the current level was a bit less difficult, that would work too!

If I wasn't so bad at the game it would've been even more fun, the idea is good :)

(Also, it wouldn't launch in Firefox or – more importantly? – the app. Worked in Chrome though, which I luckily had installed~)

Aaa this was really fun!

I am not very good! I had a great time! I beat the first level!

The music is awesome, the concept even more so. Absolute banger~

Oppy is alive and well!

This was a really fun game, and I love space stuff that stays kinda true to orbit mechanics and travel times and stuff.

Very enjoyable, great work~!

Very tactile sensation to placing turrets.

At the end, I had the pink turrets all the way around my planet and still died. Wave 15 though!

This game was really enjoyable, I love the idea of a circular tower defense~!

A tutorial in a jam game? Really neat!

The puzzly aspect of the game was quite fun, and like for Topper it reminded me of lemmings~

I feel a few of the puzzles almost solved themselves, but I guess that's fine for the first few levels to sort of get a feel for the game.

Good job!

This has potential!

It was mechanically simple but very satisfying to "play"~

The atmosphere works really well.

I found the game a bit easy, which is lucky because horror games stress me the heck out :3

Nice work on lighting, and the mechanic is a really good one~

This was so fun to play!

Simple concept, well executed. Great feeling to start off with a measly ship and then pretty quickly gradually become a powerhouse to be reckoned with~!

I'm so happy you like the shaders; they took a while to get just right – I'm planning on releasing the shaders because as far as I can tell, they do a few things more effectively and efficiently than anything else out there~ (If you're interested, it's actually a post effect that I also want to reimplement as a surface shader at some point, to allow different objects to have different palettes – sticking to the four-colours-per-ditherpattern, though :)

I hadn't even considered stuff to interact with in the ship while it's travelling, that's such a great idea – it actually currently has to be slow because everything gets loaded in the background while you travel and it barely loads in time; sometimes, if you go from one planet to a different one that's really close by, you can actually see it load in the surface!

I would've liked for every single planet type to have artifacts/souvenirs as well, and I was toying around with the idea of the probe sending back a "postcard" of sorts from the surface of each planet~

Thank you for your kind words~ they really make me happy and keep the developer in me wanting to make more :3

Aww, thank you for your sweet words~

I think a simple WASD + more stuff to interact with while flying would be welcome additions, but it was kinda fun to be restricted to only using the mouse – helped me avoid needless "interact/jump/whatever" verbs that wouldn't have added anything to the game :)

Like plexsoup, I would've preferred not to click for every shot. Tip: If there is never a reason not to shoot, there isn't a reason to not just auto-fire.

Other than that, the game was really polished and fun to play~

Audio a bit loud but it fits the aesthetics well. The art was very consistent and cute, I like that!

As well, it's really nice to see a "finished" game in a game jam, ie. one where you can die and where all the features in the game are "done", so to speak. Great job~!

I really, really want to rate this game because it's such an impressive feat, and what I can play of the game before it hits Red Characters of Death (RCOD) is just really solid.

Sadly, RCOD happens after like one second of gameplay (I have the newest win10 so can't be that), but the music is so good and the synthvoiceover is great, the artstyle (before the ansi escape sequences mess up everything) is just loveably impressive.

Please advise~

I dig the midi~

The game was really difficult to play on a 4K monitor – it was so tiny~

This game has such a weird concept, I like it! It's very defender-like but with a grandmother in a parking space? Genius.

I had a really difficult time until I found super breath, which helped a bit – funtimes!

So happy you enjoyed the game!

And yeah, I agree with Solroo too :p

I'm not sure how to make intuitive first person controls using only the mouse, but honestly the gameplay is simple enough that a smaller spaceship with the player fixed in the middle (like in a capsule) could've worked without having separate move and look controls – it's not like moving around the "spaceship" actually does anything~

Anyway, thank you for playing my game, it really means a lot to me~!

Phew, I'm happy it works on mac~

There is no end goal because I couldn't come up with a meaningful one other than like self-decided goals of discovering all planet types or gathering all artifacts – it's a very samey game, really. Maybe the game could open up more or like have an end-game-dialogue after the four artifacts but still let you continue exploring?

I've actually thought of letting people name undiscovered planets and stars (because the galaxy is deterministic, actually) and maybe have some ranks or something based on that? Also allowing people to visit the surfaces and take "photos" that could be attached as "postcards from the edge" to a central database thingie… I've actually had a lot of ideas, but 72 hours is not a lot :p

I'm really happy you like the scientific aspect, I have plans to add much more of that – fun fact: the star types are distributed almost exactly like in our own galaxy, and the apparent magnitude/visibility of stars is accurate to 7 decimal places :D there's a lot of scientific accuracy to build on, really…

I'll definitely have to check out the nasa website and see if I can't make something like "space engine but with a purpose" or something. Really happy to hear you enjoyed it and want more – I have plans!

The controls are a bummer, I agree. I've had a few ideas how to improve them but would you believe this is actually the third iteration on the control scheme? (You can imagine how terrible it was before if it's so bad still after three iterations :)

A local star map is a great idea, like maybe instead of the nondescript glowing orb light in the middle of the space ship you could have a hologram starmap with star type filters and stuff?

Thank you so much for the feedback, and I'm really happy you thought it was pretty~ :3

Yeah, it actually gets really slow to play – once you've visited a few planets the travel time is a bit dull because nothing happens I guess?

I'm sooo happy you like the half-sorta-progression displays I added, they were a last-few-hours addition to sort of give a sense of "getting somewhere" and how much to expect from the game. And also happy that you think the game is good :3

Your comment means a lot to me, I was really scared submitting because this is the first game jam I've ever entered, but the feedback is so great~