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A jam submission

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Made over 72hours for the 2017 LÖVE Jam
Submitted by rxi (@x_rxi) — 50 minutes, 16 seconds before the deadline
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Is the Soundtrack available anywhere?


I'm always amazed by what you can create in such a short time. Once again you've been able to pull it off. It's a short but fun game with enough challenge to keep me entertained. Like always are the graphics great, and the music really helps setting the mood. Good job rxi!

Found all 6 secrets.


This is an exceptional game for only 3 days, well done.

Really fun; controlled really well and had great graphics!


This is extremely impressive. I love the music so much! (9:13)

This is quite impressive. It has great atmosphere and the black/white/gray color palette adds to the feel of the game. I finished it, but now I apparently need to go back and find the secrets. Well done!

Very good game!

Jam HostSubmitted

This is a really great game! Very sad that all the code was luac'd, wanted to see how you made the game. Nice job!

Wooh, discovered all secrets!

Also: I find the level design interesting.

For example, there is that one area with a bridge. On first pass you (probably) need to shoot the slime which is on the other side. When crossing the room the other way around, you can easily pass the slime.

There are other rooms that, I suspect, have intentionally avoidable enemies. There are also some room which force you to battle, though.


Very nice!
Loved the atmosphere and the music. Weapon feels good to use but at some point I decided to ignore the enemies because they would re spawn anyway...



I only found 2 secrets... Hrmpf.

This is astonishing! Sound, visuals, atmosphere. Just wow...


Great game as always! I really enjoyed the soundtrack and graphics style.

Really loved this game. well designed. loved that the enemies had character and you got more mileage out of using the crt filter. 4/5

(1 edit)

What a precious little game this is. The look and feel is satisfying.

The gameplay is pretty good, the save points were quite intuitive and well placed, but there were some points were the enemies were a bit too hard to get around.

The music, sounds and graphics are all really good, the filter/shader (I really don't know) was really good and gave the game a more detailed finish.

Overall it's a great short game and could be expanded further.


I've come to expect great games whenever rxi does a jam, and this one is no exception.

Gameplay works great, and the controls are tight. The gun is responsive and feels good to shoot. The Zelda-y map layout works great, although some rooms feel quite difficult compared to others, but maybe that's just me.

The game looks and sounds good, the music really brings it all together and gives the game great atmosphere.

All in all, a great submission!

I liked this game. It had a Zelda feel to it. The sound and art style was great and unique. I liked the whole kind of old looking tv filter thing. I was amazed by this game.

There was a point in the game where I just didn't want to fight the enemies anymore so I just dodged them to get the keys. Cause in such close quarters theres really no room for me to fight and I'm a casual gamer. I don't think there really was an ending. I don't really know what to say about that.

Anyways, good little game.