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Birds will never touch ground again!

*barks* ))) ))) )))

Still an enjoyable game after the butt-novelty wore off :D

I really liked the puzzles, too! Although, I admit: I gave up on level 13 (playing alone)

Wooh, discovered all secrets!

Also: I find the level design interesting.

For example, there is that one area with a bridge. On first pass you (probably) need to shoot the slime which is on the other side. When crossing the room the other way around, you can easily pass the slime.

There are other rooms that, I suspect, have intentionally avoidable enemies. There are also some room which force you to battle, though.

If you are making a rhythm-based game, encountered the following problem, and were hoping the solution would magically appear on this page after 5h of headache then you're in luck:

You have a looping audio Source (e.g. background music) and you use Source:tell() to get the current playing position. On the first loop cycle you get the correct position and can perform well timed actions to your music's beats. On the following cycles, though, tell() returns a position which is about 20% off the actual playing position.

Apparently this only happens if your Source 's type is static (unlike the default stream). So make sure to load it like this:

    music ="music.ogg", "static")

Though it is generally recommended to use stream for longer audio tracks, there is no other simple solution for this problem, I think.

Anyway, good luck for the remaining time!