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You could have just uploaded the .love file, instead of putting a love in a folder in a zip.

I image the development process was like this: "Oops, I forgot to have gravity for the cubes -- Wait thats it!" :D

Is it right, that the game closes itself after the fifth level?

Did 5 colors 4x4 left right shifter. Was solvable. Was fun!

So I walked around but all I found is empty streets? Probably wasn't perservering enough. :)

A walking simulator :)


I only found 2 secrets... Hrmpf.

To go Left or to go Right? That is the question!

Nice! So the spider was once a human, too?

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Well, you can't vote before the submission ended, so I guess there is no point in keeping multiple versions from before submission. The last version before the deadline should suffice. Right?