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Octane100 - action roguelite RPG game where you can play with different characters, gain money and upgrade your characters. You can create your own strategy to beat enemies and upgrade your session's skills with items. (Like in Risk of Rain or Vampire Survivors). Also in the game you can explore the map, collect loot and sell it to the Pawn Man. In the game you can find some features like

Characters have different skills, unique abillities and endings too (yeah, you can end the game if you beat all enemies, actually it is really hard). Also characters are independent, any character has own progress in the game.
Oil. it is your power to play. If you don't have oil you should explore map, collect items, gain money and buy oil. 
Items. power-ups for your sessions. You can collect it by tapping on them (it drops sometimes, catch it!!) or buy it in Coffee Pot. 
Upgrades. You can upgrade your character with money gained by the session. Health, Damage and your Money Reward. 
Coffee Pot. Smth like shop, where you can buy items randomly generated. 
Mods. it's like DLC or smth like that, it modify your default mode where you fight with enemies step by step. 

Also in the game progress raises up smoothly, it means any game session brings you closer to the ending and you'll meet more powerful enemies everytime.


My main goal is to build it for android and publish in Google Play, though I want to create it for Windows/Linux as well, but I need more time for this.

Basically Octane100 is similar to these games: Risk of Rain, Vampire Survivors, Streets of Rogue, Fnaf World, Soda Dungeon, Timing Hero and even Bee The Warrior (he-he), so if you were played one of these games (or all of them) you'll definately enjoy octane100 either.
Rate my game please, im gonna post it on my itch page soon. What do you think about cost of this game? Is it cost $1 or should i make it for free? Thanks everyone for your attention. 

game is broken :( 

game is fire. i see potential

when I execute a game in the menu section it shows that version not valid :'( 

Actually, I posted a controls tutorial on the itch page, but nobody noticed that. So, in the future projects I'll add more helpful tips about controls. Thanks for your comment. 

thank you for your words, i'm glad to heard that someone like my game

thank you a lot <3

good job, man

Need some critic about my first love2d game <3


so slowly :'(

wow, beautiful game! 

idea kind of nasty and weird, but intresting. 

mechanics of the fight looks amazing. like it

idea of the game really intresting

you could make full game using this mechanic of jumping. it's really cool. (im from yt video about love2d blob test, this things you do with physics looks amazing)

you are cringe, dude

wow, looks pretty good

oh, thank  you :3

pretty good submission but you should add a respawn button

hah, okay i almost guessed

i adore painted games and this looks so good. sounds, music and art are cute and lovely. definitely one of my favorite game on a current game jam. do u use plug-in graphic tablet with stylys or something like Ipad? 

wow, atmosphere and the game style looks so beautiful. 5/5

the mechanic of fishing is intresting but one thing i would add in the game it's animation of fisherman. good job dude

such a good art and a pleasent gameplay, love it

you should add tutorial how to play but a graphic palette looks pretty good. 

Парень, я из ЛНР, которое расширилось после 24.02.22, никто из нас не хотел, чтобы сюда пришла Россия и диктовала свои условия. В нашем городе не было ни единого разрушенного здания от снаряда. Пойми правильно, твое государство развязало войну против мирных жителей под фантомным предлогом и поддерживать его приравнивается к поддержке войны и поддержке агрессора. Ты сейчас спишь спокойно и не просыпаешься от рева истребителя в 50-ти метрах над головой или хуже - от взрывов, а это страшно, поверь. По поводу игр, это творчество и полотно для искусства, здесь нет рамок. В первую очередь наши игры с IvanM71 указывают на проблемы в современном мире, а поскольку мы еще и оба из Украины то война это серьезная проблема для нашей страны прямо сейчас, даже если опускать политический контекст - почти вся страна находится в мягко говоря нестандартных условиях, а молчать в такие моменты признак слабости. Я хорошо отношусь к гражданам России, которые осуждают военные действия, приятно видеть поддержку. В моей же игре главным врагом выступают военные корабли РФ, именно военные, и зло преподносится именно в лице военных кораблей, а не в лице честного и доброго народа, которое против войны. У нас с вами сейчас общий враг - Правительство Российской Федерации и поэтому мы должны не споры вести в комментариях друг против друга, а добиваться правосудия выражая свои позиции в поддержку мира всеми возможными способами, в том числе и игры. Спасибо за понимание. 

thank you so much for support and for the review <3

thanks dude <3

спасибо. ценю объективность

love it. dynamic and funny, especially camera shaking hah

man, not funny it's when soldiers with Russian Flag kill people, drop bombs and ruin houses. i know in Russia many people don't support an agression and i glad to see this, but my support to my country it's game about destroying russian warships, not civilian, tower defense game. Also there is a flag with white-blue-white stripes on flag which says stop shootin in Ukraine. By the way i am going to recreate this game on Love2D engine and i'll add white-blue-white flag achievement and probably change russian flag to Z and V. Peace.

did you use a graphics tablet or all graphics painted by mouse? 

i consider it's like game about meme of russian warship, you know. but 1 star at all? underrated, because idea not an ordinary, presentation page better than even yours, but okay i just accept ur comment like a critic. good luck

lovely game, little bit horror vibes and i love it so much  

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wow. i like all in this game, pretty good graphics, lovely gameplay, beautiful music and sounds and idea of the game kind of unique. 5/5

thank you <3

beautiful art :) 

good job, especially voice acting :)