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great job. took me a while to get the hang of it but that is part of the fun imho

loved the retro bullet hell game. Great colors. there was no sound on the love demo I did 

Really loved this game. well designed. loved that the enemies had character and you got more mileage out of using the crt filter. 4/5

nice graphics. I like the top down and the overlay at points.

amazing game very engaging and made me want to finish it. I think I broke my key with my urgency to know what was going on next. (not really but I bet that key has some wear on it)

Thank you it is inspirational.

support him on patron and that might help out

amazing game. I also love the orbits I was really surprised with the detail of the universe. even when you get in the solar system you have to find the planet and orbit it to scan it.
So can you find life?