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ElementL: Ghost StoryView game page

Leap motion VR game. Fight ghosts using hand gestures and elemental powers.
Submitted by mechabit (@mechabit) — 22 days, 4 hours before the deadline
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What's the name of your experience?
ElementL: Ghost Story

Please describe your creation.
You are a Taoist monk sent to combat evil spirits. Special moves are performed by different gestures as well as basic punches (best not stand near anything when you play)

Enemies will approach from all directions so it's best to wear headphones as audio cues will help you locate them.

Left and right hands have different elements which you will need to use to attack specific enemies.

I originally wanted to do more complex hand gestures but settled for a more robust and simple gesture mechanic. I also wanted to make an entirely controllerless experience with the VR leap motion so there's no movement other than positional tracking of the DK2 which also makes for a less VR-sickness inducing experience and I wanted to utilise the Leap motion's ability to distinguish between left and right hands.

The bamboo forest and floating skulls theme turned out quite well, if there was interest we could expand on this and add more enemy types with different interactions, maybe you have to swat back projectiles at shooting enemies.

Here's an early dev video:

Here's VR Nerds playing some early entries of 3DJam:

Trouble Shooting
If the game crashes on start up try one of the following:
Oculus.dll crash workaround, add one of these execution commands:
-force-d3d9 or
Resize your desktop to 1280x800
Start in windowed mode (hold ctrl when running the app)
Try a lower quality setting (hold ctrl when running the app)
Have your rift in mirrored desktop mode

If multiple hands appears for no reason or are inaccurate:
Stand further away from walls and glass
Don't stretch your hand out straight
Keep your fingers in view of the leap motion (you can still charge shots at a slight angle)

Programming language?
JavaScript, Unity3D

Your web site or portfolio (optional)?

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Awesome, top 20 :)


Thanks! Here's a tip: You don't need to throw the fireball for it to kill enemies ;) If you're really swamped just keep the fireball in your hands and slap the ones that get close. You can also just punch the ghosts to push them back or use the heal spell to push all the ghosts back.


Great job, this is really fun! The action can get really intense - I definitely jumped out of my seat a few times because the floating skeletal heads crept up on me from behind. By the time I made it to level 10 it felt like the response time of the leap was the limiting factor; I had my hands in the "charge up" position and was ready to fling more magic, but it took a second or two for my hand pose to be recognized (and then I was toast).

Good work :)


This is great!


@Studio 17 Thanks! Your game is cool as well :)


Met up with a bunch of friends to play through the submissions together and ElementL came up as one of those that they really enjoyed ! The game mechanics are easy to learn and who doesn't love the idea of being able to toss fireballs around. The game also gets pretty intense after a couple of waves. Rather disconcerting when you turn around only to find yourself face to face with a disembodied skull. Good stuff !


@Helios Thanks for testing. I'll upload some relative batch files.


Great atmosphere. Love the attention to SFX


DirectToRift version crashed for me

Shortcuts don't work since they have absolute paths. Try batch files.

The game itself is a promising start! I find I have to keep my eyes in front of my face as I swivel around so my magic doesn't run out when I need it. Once I figured that out, I was able to do pretty well. It's freaky when they appear from right behind you!


@Xantomen, I use a DK1 as well, the leap motion is a bit spotty on left hand detection. It helps if you wiggle your fingers a bit and by being careful not to obscure your fingers from the camera at certain angles. (that's an issue with HMD mounted Leap Motion games)


I like the concept and the accurate controls, I can imagine myself playing Dark Messiah like this, haha.

Unfortunately I don't have the DK2 so I can only play with one hand (the other keeps the Leap on the vertical) :O


Love the atmosphere!! The hand tracking feels very responsive. This is also one of the neatest tutorial solutions I've seen. Beautifully done!


A very interesting concept indeed!


uploaded a quick fix for windows with the workaround short cuts

also swapped out the flower for a (I think) nicer looking one also less laggy one


Great Job! Very fun to play!


very cool idea! looking forward for the next version!


Great work, well executed!


I notice a lot of the VR entries are having the same crash report about oculus.dll and access violations. In case it's a corupted download I'm adding an alternative link here:


If the frame rate is too low try lowering the quality level by holding ctrl when running the app.


I've noticed that sometimes the image pass through only appears in one eye. Probably the best thing to do is to disable the image pass through by tapping the left orb at the start if it's not working correctly for you.

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