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3D Graffiti application for Oculus Rift + Leap Motion
Submitted by jscottk — 1 hour, 32 minutes before the deadline
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Graffiti 3D

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This is a straightforward application with one purpose: enable you to doodle in 3d space with 3d material in a color scheme of your choice.

Street artists and the techniques they use to make their pieces jump off their canvases have inspired me for a long time. After following the oculus rift kickstarter and developing an interest in stereoscopic media, I realized an opportunity existed to enable the creation of free-hand art that literally has depth to it. To my surprise, nobody had created quite what I was looking for, so I went on a search for the best suitable 6dof input device and built it myself. This project is my first dip into this wide space of possibilities.

I created this over the course of a couple of weeks so it has some rough edges, but the major bugs have been worked out and it feels great. Please let me know if you run into any issues or have any suggestions.

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- Added new materials: neon glow material, diffuse clay material, and a generic metal material (set to white for silver, yellow for gold, and orange for copper).

- Added object importing. Users can now import custom objects (up to 65,000 vertices) to draw on.

- Added photosperes. Users can now load in custom 360 degree panoramic images as environments to draw within.

- Added bloom effects. Extremely shiny materials will now sometimes appear to glow slightly when reflecting bright light.

- Fixed some rendering issues; material lighting should look better.

- Added ability to turn off lights (fun with neon material).

- Added ReadMe UI for Leap Motion users (mouse/gamepad users can still access the ReadMe in the main menu).

- Updated to Unity 5.2f3, Leap Motion Core Assets 2.3.1, and Oculus (compatible with Oculus runtime 0.7+)


@Stephan Tanguay Thanks for giving it a shot! I'm glad you enjoy it :D I'm working on some updates right now that should solve some issues and add more flexibility to the app.


Great leap motion app, like that you added the hover menu. Very cool!

juego laty


- Fixed an issue with left handed mode; drawing should now properly work while left handed.

- Fixed an issue with drawing while both hands are in view. Users can draw as long as the Hovercast menu is not visible.


- Deactivated drawing while interacting with the Hovercast menu system (to avoid accidental drawing).

- Converted menu items to appropriate input types in the Hovercast menu system; shape selectors are now radio buttons, and the augmented reality button is now a checkmark.

- Changed "Lightness" to "Brightness" on the HSB color selector.


- Converted left hand controls to Hovercast menu (

- Added in-game color and size controls, so sizes.txt and colors.txt are no longer needed.

- Moved commonly used keyboard shortcuts (undo, clear canvas, export mesh, augmented mode) to the left hand menu.

- Converted "digital" thumb drawing trigger to "analog" control (the distance between the thumb and hand determines line width instead of simply triggers drawing). This allows for variable width brush-like strokes.


- Added passthrough camera/"augmented reality" access by pressing "p" key. Make sure "allow images" is selected in your leap motion driver before trying this.

- Added ability to export meshes by pressing "e" key.

- Fixed issues with undoing strokes. Now a "stroke" is considered to be one continuous drawn line.

- Made a variety of performance adjustments (such as making undo/export run on their own threads).

Excellent concept, even if it's not a new idea. Simple, straightforward, and robust. It tolerates the poor performance of the leap rather well.

I will be showing it at our BostonVR meetup tomorrow as an example of what can be done with hand tracking.

this is a brilliant medium I can use to protest huge coorperations without getting in trouble. I also see it's value in many other ways.



Fixed another issue:

- Token on user's hands properly update when hands come into view now.

- Further reduced latency.


Fixed a few issues introduced with the last update.

- Removed major source of latency I inadvertantly added with "Optimize Mesh"

- Fixed end caps so tube backfaces are no longer visible anymore


Another update:

- Added ability to undo strokes by pressing left ctrl + z

- Attempted to further reduce latency by doing a variety of small optimizations. If anyone can help me get dynamic batching to work in Unity Free, let me know!

- Changed sizes.txt to be in centimeters (instead of meters) and updated default sizes to be a bit smaller.


Updated to allow users to specify a custom sequence of brush sizes (in meters) using sizes.txt.


Great ideas Helios! I had considered allowing users to specify their own range of brush sizes, and you just inspired me to go code it :)

I like the box fade idea... I'll play with that a bit and see if I can make it get out of the way more.

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