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I see, is the issue still occurring? When I edited the game I saw some new options that weren't there a year ago when I uploaded this (I checked a box indicating that it's compatible with windows).

Thanks for the heads up, I have no idea why that'd be.

This is a fun concept and after getting the swipe gesture down I was able to quickly get all three pieces in place. The mechanism to respawn loose objects automatically was really handy and I enjoyed throwing stuff around in low gravity. Unfortunately it didn't trigger the puzzle completion event when I put the three pieces in place and it said my spaceship exploded, but I suspect if I had tapped them all it may have worked. Good work!

The locomotion concept in this game is really cool. It has a very distinct feel and I liked the aesthetic a lot. Great exploration of experimental UI in this space!

This is an adorable game and I really like the control concepts. It took me a bit to get a hang of the positioning so the knight was facing the right direction, but once I did I had a lot of fun with it. It bugged out on a couple of waves and wouldn't proceed past them a few times (particularly wave 2) but restarting helped that. I liked the environment design a lot and the monsters and their animations were really creative. Nicely done!

This is amazing! I loved the environment, the UI (the labels and titles for the different rounds were really cool), the models and animations, and overall gameplay. The different types of enemies created nice variety and also made it exceptionally challenging to keep going past round 4 or so. I also loved the humor incorporated in it, and actually laughed out loud when I saw the end scene. :) I did have some trouble having it consistently detect the scissors gesture but that was a very minor problem in this overall impressively polished game. Great job!

The control scheme for this is very interesting, and once I got a hang of it I had fun zooming through the tube. Unfortunately I frequently hand issues with my left hand flickering in or out of existence at the wrong time and accelerating my into a wall or sitting me in front of a turret to die. It would have been cool to have the option to use the Leap in HMD mode as well so I didn't have to focus so hard on hovering my hands in the right spot but overall this is highly enjoyable. Thanks for sharing it.

There are some interesting concepts here, and I enjoyed playing around with it. The effects that are triggered when the user succeeds are neat, and I liked the stars floating in the space with me. The block buttons were interesting and fairly easy to use, but unfortunately they would frequently "stick" together after falling with a lot of force. I didn't quite understand how the transformations worked but once I realized that the actions were symmetrical, I figured out how to complete a couple of levels. Overall there's a ton of potential here and with a bit more polish it could keep me entertained for a long time.

This looks great! Unfortunately I was unable to get this to output to my rift with runtime 0.7.0. I saw the configuration/settings window but didn't see the DK2 resolution listed and only had 1 display option to select, and after clicking "play" it was output to my monitor. Any idea how to get it sent directly to the rift?

This got disturbing really fast. Good concept, I liked how literally everything my hand could come into contact with was transmutable into gold. I particularly liked how the animations on some models froze as soon as they were touched (like the moving pig head). Good job - this needs a VR version :D.

Interesting little game. I liked how it felt like pong in 3d, and the texture on the walls helped me gauge where the ball was going. Once I played with it for 30 seconds I got a hang of the hand positioning mechanics and scored some points on the computer (which still proceeded to kick my butt - it's good!). It would be nice to have a shadow on the floor or some other indicator of how far away it was, but with more practice I think I could be more consistent with it. Overall, good job - thanks for sharing.

I really like the level design, models, and art - this was really well put together! The zombies were freaky enough to definitely want to keep them out, and when the lights came on it was satisfying to have a moment of relief. The tracking continuously went out while I was holding up boards to nail in and that amplified the anxiety of the experience.

It would be neat to have some sort of alternative "last ditch" action I could perform to keep the zombies out if I can't get a board up in time - I tried to nailgun a zombie in the head to no avail. Fun experience, thanks for sharing!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to make this work with runtime I did get it to display an image in extended mode on the rift, but the resolution of the Rift DK2 wasn't available in the dropdown so no resolution quite made it line up well enough to be usable. I did see the beautiful green alien/plant hand model out of one eye and thought it looked amazing! I would really like to make this work so if you have any ideas for steps to take, I'd love to hear them!

I'm using this runtime switcher to test older apps built with the pre-0.7.0 SDK:

I'd love to try this out, it looks awesome! Just to be clear, this is strictly for Mac currently, right? Unfortunately I'm on Windows and don't have access to a Mac machine - is there a rough estimate for when you might have this for Windows?

Very cool experience. I love how the walls react to the basketballs with color and sound, and the interactions are extremely intuitive. The material on the surface of the ball was really neat too. It was a bit difficult to make baskets, but that can be a good thing depending on who you ask. Really nicely done!

This is super cool! I love the environment and all of the visual effects you included, and your ideas surrounding visualizing and interacting with data in 3D are really amazing. I particularly liked the "detail flyout" window and the laser pointer. Great work!

This is a really neat concept! I love the level design, and I thought the persistent banners to the left and right to show the interactions were effective. I have been having some issues getting it to consistently register my movements, and it would be nice to have a sort of "sandbox" mode to figure out what works well. Unfortunately I didn't get enough right on the first track to proceed, and I was surprised to see the game asked me to exit and restart (or wait like 3,000,000 hours). It would be nice to have a "try again" button or some other way to do it without exiting the game. I didn't find an exit button so I eventually had to ctrl+alt+delete out of it. Overall when it did track successfully it was really entertaining, and I think if I practiced for longer I would get the hang of it better. Thanks for sharing this!

There are some really cool ideas in here. I particuarly liked the construction menu with the different materials and the interaction for applying those materials to different parts of the building - that was really ambitious and cool! I did struggle with the table-top orientation of the leap... I'm not sure if it was just my setup or not, but I consistently had a hard time holding my arms out far enough to interact with all of the bubbles and buttons I needed to poke. It would have been really cool to use this with the Leap attached to the HMD so I could look around without worrying about losing tracking. The robot guide was neat, and I liked how the tutorial was displayed in animated text as well as spoken. The "snap" to the neutral pointer finger gesture was clever too. Overall nicely done.

Thanks @zmanx, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

No worries, I'm on Windows 7 currently with the 0.7.0 runtime.

This is amazing, well done. I love the music and thought the locomotion worked really well. I accidentally quit a few times while in the middle of tasks because of the right hand gesture, but I was blown away by the environments (especially the view out the window at the beginning) and highly enjoyed the experience as a whole. 5 stars :D

Awesome magic casting demo! I had a ton of fun exploring the different spells and trying to knock down the bowling pins, and the level design created an inviting atmosphere. The gestures seem to be detected consistently, and seeing the passthrough-hands helped me to understand what was being tracked. Overall this was really well done!

This is an awesome experience. It delivers on exactly the promise of its title/description; you strap into VR and go for a bungee ride. It surprisingly avoids being sickening too, which I attribute to the unusual stance (looking up). It would have been cool to be able to climb myself back up with the Leap or incorporate it more some other way, but I enjoyed this a lot as is. Thanks for making/sharing it!

Hi @Mystfit, thanks for the quick response! I have installed python on my machine with Live 9 and tried running, but a command line window briefly flashes "ImportError: No module named Pyro.util" and I don't see "ShowtimeBridge" in the list of control surfaces in MIDI/Sync. I'd love to try this - if you have any ideas for how to fix this I'm down to give them a shot and report back.

This game is hilarious and awesome, really nice job. I particularly loved the sound design and art assets - "Razor flakes" made me chuckle. It would be nice if the UI weren't stuck to my face so I could lean in to read the text, and I felt like the shelves were just a tad outside of the Leap Motion tracking volume, but aside from those small nitpicks this was a great experience and had me smiling the whole time.

Neat tutorial method - it was really helpful to have a floating hand showing me what to do where I needed to do it. I wish there were a VR version of this, it could be super fun in full 3D. The shooting was particularly enjoyable. Great job!

Is this intended to work in VR? Unfortunately on Oculus runtime 0.7.0 it wouldn't output to the headset for me. The level design/assets look really cool though!

This looks great! Unfortunately it seems to encounter an error early on and I never see any buttons, just a grey mesh on a passthrough/black background: I'd love to give it a shot once it's working!

This thing is clearly capable of generating some spectacular imagery. I love how explosive and psychedelic the meshes are - it's like having several buckets of paint thrown in your face at the same time and freezing time to appreciate the chaos. The generated tones create a distinct aura that just adds to the atmosphere. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get the thumb-up or thumbs-down gestures to fire but I may have not given it enough tries. Overall a really great experience, thanks for sharing.

I would love to try it as well but I'm unfortunately having the same issue as dignifiedweb. Looks like a really neat creative tool!

Very neat music creation tool here! I loved watching the demo and being immersed in the music - I would've enjoyed more songs to load. The buttons felt great and the environment was conducive to a meditative headspace. Overall very nicely done :)


- Added new materials: neon glow material, diffuse clay material, and a generic metal material (set to white for silver, yellow for gold, and orange for copper).

- Added object importing. Users can now import custom objects (up to 65,000 vertices) to draw on.

- Added photosperes. Users can now load in custom 360 degree panoramic images as environments to draw within.

- Added bloom effects. Extremely shiny materials will now sometimes appear to glow slightly when reflecting bright light.

- Fixed some rendering issues; material lighting should look better.

- Added ability to turn off lights (fun with neon material).

- Added ReadMe UI for Leap Motion users (mouse/gamepad users can still access the ReadMe in the main menu).

- Updated to Unity 5.2f3, Leap Motion Core Assets 2.3.1, and Oculus (compatible with Oculus runtime 0.7+)

@Stephan Tanguay Thanks for giving it a shot! I'm glad you enjoy it :D I'm working on some updates right now that should solve some issues and add more flexibility to the app.

- Fixed an issue with left handed mode; drawing should now properly work while left handed.

- Fixed an issue with drawing while both hands are in view. Users can draw as long as the Hovercast menu is not visible.

- Deactivated drawing while interacting with the Hovercast menu system (to avoid accidental drawing).

- Converted menu items to appropriate input types in the Hovercast menu system; shape selectors are now radio buttons, and the augmented reality button is now a checkmark.

- Changed "Lightness" to "Brightness" on the HSB color selector.

- Converted left hand controls to Hovercast menu (

- Added in-game color and size controls, so sizes.txt and colors.txt are no longer needed.

- Moved commonly used keyboard shortcuts (undo, clear canvas, export mesh, augmented mode) to the left hand menu.

- Converted "digital" thumb drawing trigger to "analog" control (the distance between the thumb and hand determines line width instead of simply triggers drawing). This allows for variable width brush-like strokes.

- Added passthrough camera/"augmented reality" access by pressing "p" key. Make sure "allow images" is selected in your leap motion driver before trying this.

- Added ability to export meshes by pressing "e" key.

- Fixed issues with undoing strokes. Now a "stroke" is considered to be one continuous drawn line.

- Made a variety of performance adjustments (such as making undo/export run on their own threads).

I had some difficulty getting this to work. After reading through these comments, I think my problem was trying to use my dk2 and hmd clip with it. I'll give it a shot with the tabletop setup tonight and then rate it.

This is gorgeous! It took me a moment to figure out what I needed to do to start the experience. I saw the buttons but didn't understand how to move around the space. However once I got comfortable with it, it was breathtaking. The first object I interacted with was a rubix cube made of glass and metal pieces that appeared to fall apart easily, so I cradled it gently between my hands and nudged it toward the appropriate hatch.

The music is superb, and the earth viewing window is gorgeous. Everything comes together to create a truly beautiful experience. Well done.

This is a huge accomplishment, congrats on completing this! I'm impressed with the scope of your ideas - you cover a lot of territory in this single application. I love the building blocks component; seeing the space materialize around me is really fun/weird. Overall, a lot of great stuff here. I can see this going places.