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A jam entry

WEIGHTLESSView game page »

A meditative virtual reality experience about inspecting space debris in a weightless environment.
Submitted by MartinSchubert (@mrschubert) with 17 days, 21 hours before the deadline


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It's a meditative virtual reality experience for the Leap Motion about inspecting space debris in a weightless environment.

I'm designing around a few key insights:

1. I wanted the player to have an experience that's only possible in VR. That means taking advantage of the ability to look around in any direction and having good spatial awareness. This led to investigating a weightless environment that allowed freedom of movement in any direction.
2. I wanted interaction unique to the finger tracking of the Leap. Something that could not be done compellingly with a mouse, keyboard or game pad. The idea of gently nudging and inspecting objects in micro gravity would be very difficult with a traditional control scheme but with the Leap it feels really natural.
3. In VR, with positional tracking, parallax is strongest in the near range so most of the game's interactions happen within arm's reach. Being able to bob your head around (and sometimes walk entirely around) an object really makes it seem as though it's there.

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Weightless requires an Oculus Rift DK2 with a Leap Motion controller mounted onto the front of the headset. Are you getting mirrored hands when using that set up?

Knäckebrot · 2 years ago

This game is awesome i would like to play it but when i start the game my hands are mirrored i don't know how to say it because i'm german but i need help i hope you understand my problem.

KathyKat · 2 years ago

This is fantastic Martin! Wonderful work and execution, great idea.
I'm proud of you 'my second son' x

intdominc · 2 years ago

Otherwordly! Bravo!

@Austin Mayer

Sorry it's not working for you. I was going to upload a non-DirectX11 Mac build after seeing your comment but I just looked up the 650M and it supports DX11 so that's not the issue.

Hopefully someone else who's got it working on Mac can chime in...

Austin Mayer · 2 years ago

Can't wait to try this, but running into issues on my 2012 MacbookPro 2.6ghz i7, 16GB DDR3, NVIDIA GeForce 650M 1GB running OSX 10.10.1. Occulus DK2 and Leap SDKs are up to date.

Stuck on black screen on start up and see the details box when you hit space but nothing else. Attempted 1200x800 resolution as well.

Anyone get this working on OSX? If so, anything special I need to do?

abazon · 2 years ago

Awesome Good job!

This is gorgeous! It took me a moment to figure out what I needed to do to start the experience. I saw the buttons but didn't understand how to move around the space. However once I got comfortable with it, it was breathtaking. The first object I interacted with was a rubix cube made of glass and metal pieces that appeared to fall apart easily, so I cradled it gently between my hands and nudged it toward the appropriate hatch.

The music is superb, and the earth viewing window is gorgeous. Everything comes together to create a truly beautiful experience. Well done.

Mary Schubert · 2 years ago

Beautiful work! Awesome idea and amazing execution - Well done Martin!

eaglehawke · 2 years ago

Great work. Good on you Martin

anamaljevac · 2 years ago


Barrett · 2 years ago

Awesome!!! Love it! Well done Martin!

beschubert · 2 years ago

sitting in a space capsule and collecting space debris!! it makes sense and it is at the same time such a strange idea. how did you get it or how did the idea come to you? The idea itself - combining Leap Motion with such an unexpected scenario - I find even more remarkable then the perfect implementation. watching it gives me a wonderful feeling like floating in space myself

brolivia · 2 years ago

Love it - this looks amazing

timsek · 2 years ago

(slow clap)

krutherford · 2 years ago


Very polished experience ! The floating items even react the way you'd expect them to in real life (never been to space but yeah), good showcase of the sense of presence Leap Motion can afford VR experiences.

Lovely, meditative experience. I love the cyan cube matrix, and all the little buttons to push around the ship. Just beautiful! I can hang out in there a long time.

Oh man, this is really, really nice. Congratulations in such a greatly executed experience :D

ksiva (View their submission) · 2 years ago

This is truly beautiful. The room is gorgeous, the music is perfect, and the object interaction is amazing (can't tell you how excited I was when I first caught a bolt in my fingers, such a simple thing!) My only complaint is with the movement. For how light and weightless everything else feels, I feel heavy and sluggish. I want to zip around the room, bounce off the walls, rotate in 360 (VR sickness be damned!) Perhaps you could add an optional setting, a button on the wall, that allows for freer range of movement. Still an amazing experience!

Brett206 · 2 years ago

Wonderful job on this! It was like floating in space :) After playing around with this a bit, I managed to get several of the "non-human" objects at once (but I wonder if when combined if they might eventually interact and/or trigger an event?).

buttstallion · 2 years ago

Hey guys, looks like the world is excited about space experiences too, except yours has the added, reality blurring immersion of VR and hand tracking!


This is very nice. I LOVE the idea.

buttstallion · 2 years ago

Love, love, love the idea! Huge fan of space and zero G, an absolutely brilliant artistic use of the motion and VR controls, and giving a unique experience that most won't get in their lives! This could be a really cool breakthrough in tech use.

esdin (View their submission) · 2 years ago

Oh! Only other comment; when I first tried to play I had my audio off, and couldn't figure out how to move around. It might make sense to use one of your great side-panels to display controls (as a "Commander's Manual" or something similar) to the player as well as your AI so there's another cue in addition to sound.

esdin (View their submission) · 2 years ago

Really enjoyed the use of a fully in-game UI for events. The big volumes made it easy to interact with the buttons and tech-upgrade field.

While I'm appreciative relying entirely on the Oculus for orientation, I ended up getting myself tangled pretty easily while trying to navigate around the chamber, or else having to move "backwards" by angling my hands to the right, or else reentering the Oculus.

For the submission release Grav Tech is the only thing you can add to your suit. The plan for continuing development is to add more kinds of tech and give you more to play with.

Do you get any more poweres beyond gravity hands?

Also try setting your desktop to 1280x800 or running in windowed mode fixed the black screen bug

none dx11 version worked for me

synesthesia · 2 years ago

This is great. A beautiful experience!

Updated to version 1.1! If you got a crash before, please try it again!

Looking forward to trying this but the exe files all crash on me.


Leap Motion v2.2

Hawken @ Dadako · 2 years ago

What kind of machine setup are you capturing the video on? Looks very smooth. 

very nice work

The trailer video looks really good nice work.  Really takes advantage of the Leap controller hand tracking to let each finger interact with the objects.  I like how it's a relaxing space experience and not shooter or horror (although those are cool too).  

This looks to be a very beautiful experience!

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