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Audiovisual Performance Scenes
Submitted by HeliosInteractive — 1 day, 4 hours before the deadline
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Please describe your creation.
Our experience is all about enjoying simple controls in 3D space and letting your hands explore interesting scenes, inspired by some fun music.

I've worked for years with audioreactive performance tools, but Leap and Oculus have changed the game for me, and I've had to rethink many of the ways I would normally build an app like this to really fit these new tools.

I started with a simple stage-like scene, and attached lights to my hands so I could play with lighting objects from different angles. After discovering a fantastic Volumetric lighting script, I integrated volume rendering for my lights and the focus of the app was born - manipulating objects and guiding lights to feature them in fantastic and dynamic ways.

We've got a good roadmap for what we'd like to do next - loading user's tracks, taking a live audio feed, and adding many more interactive scenes. Two-player (or multiplayer) inputs could be great fun, we already got that working with Leap Motion devices for another prototype. Finally, we'd love to have a way to view the scene from another perspective so that performances can be viewed live from additional angles. We're part of the Unity Cluster Rendering Beta, that might be a good way to go.

Programming language?
Unity C#

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5/5 Loved it! Would be great in combination with a rythm-based game which I've created!!


Very intense being inside the visuals. Loved it!


Played with only the Leap and loved it, I can only imagine how good it must be with the Oculus as well. In the spherical mass scene, I really liked the effects of removing my hand and then replacing it on the other side of the tracking range. The spotlight hand scene is my favourite though, being able to control the size of the light by opening and closing my hands felt fantastic! Very polished! The shadows cast under the title from my hands were a really nice touch.

The beginning bothered me a little having to remove my hands from the tracking range to click the right arrow, but it was understandable considering that is also your scene switch control.

Would be really cool to be able to have some (even small) effect on the music playing.

Had a lot of fun with this, well done!


nice music visualiser, very pretty