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A Leap through Music!
Submitted by Hereson — 16 days, 1 hour before the deadline
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[Demo Video]
** Give the game a try too! I promise, it'll be fun (download link ABOVE)!
I've implemented normal mouse controls as well for those who do not own a Leap Motion Device.

YOU HAVE TO WAIT, and hold still BEFORE you draw anything. The screen will lit up.
If that's too hard for you. Just press [R] and you will have normal menu controls ;)

Initially I wanted to do implement a real-time Shape recognition algorithm and use it for UI/Menu navigation. However, the usability of it was questioned by many testers. Especially, due to the fact that a lot of wrong shapes were recognized. It took quite a lot of time to improve the precision. And it's finally here!

As for the (rythm-based) game: Happy Rythmic Leaping!

Create a rythm-based experience which can be played without prior knowledge of its mechanics, and introduce a new way of UI-navigation.

I've added support for multiple fingers (more than 2) already (but I have not released this version yet, because it gets REALLY confusing without tutorial). Especially when you're able to slide around, spin around etc. It simply drags down your experience. I'm currently working on it.

Thanks for checking out this game!

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@jdneidig Thank you!


Great Job! Very fun to play!


@OverTheRanbow. Did you download "RythmicLeaps Setup.exe"?
It should work.

It is not working for me. Every time I try to start the game, it crashes by saying Template has stopped working.

Sorry, I can't rate something I can't play yet


New version up!

+ Precision
+ Added mouse support
+ More shaders effects
+ Fixed the "start button" on the song selection screen (people had trouble reaching it)
+ Extra beatmap
+ Mirror Mode
+ Submitted a brand new (up-to-date) video


@TheFaireyplay *Hugs* *Gives cookie* Glad you liked it ;p


@Tsakey Thank you. Yes I love rythm games as well. Best of luck with your studies. I cannot wait to see what you'll create in the near future! :)

Voted! Do I get a cookie now?! =D

Hello Hereson,

I've voted for you on the link in the description. I love your music, and this game is just a new addition to why people should sub to you. I've been studying programming, coding, and game developing for some time now and I praise this game all it is. Frankly I'm speechless as this game is just mixing my two favorite things in the world - Music and gaming. No idea what I can say that would be productive other than that this game is just great. I'll be looking forward to your next upload, keep up the amazing work!

(You can find this same comment on your youtube channel.)



@johnjoemcbob Thanks for your feedback. I've fixed some of the issues in a newer build and also implemented mouse-compatibility. The game is also playable with your mouse if you disconnect your leapmotion controller.

+ Precision
+ More shaders effects
+ Fixed the "start button" on the song selection screen (people couldn't reach it)
+ Extra beatmap
+ Submitted a brand new (up-to-date) video


Very polished! The user interfaces are lovely, especially the visual feedback you have on button presses etc. Couldn't get the shape detection to recognize any of my drawings on the main menu, but had it manage a few in the drawing mode. Love the score screen, the particles following your finger are a really nice touch. Had a little difficulty trying to press the 'Start' button in the lower right side of the screen to begin a song.

Well done!


@JoshWRich I'm going to check out DJMAX Technika now :)
The songs are reorchestrated versions which I made in FL Studio.

Thanks for dropping by!


@BotOne Thank you!


@KryaK In the future, I'll be porting the entire game to OpenGL. The goal of this was to create a rythm-based experience and a new way of UI navigation. I'll worry about the different platforms out there later. So MacOs will not be available for a while (I'm sorry) :(


Very nice! It makes me think of DJMAX Technika, just without the sore fingers, haha.

Nice song choices too!


Great variation on the theme "Guitar Hero"! Almost simulator of kapellmeister)

P.S. Like the system recognizes gestures!;)


Are you planning a version for MacOs?


@JohanKall Thank you! Good luck with your thesis as well!


@jparecki Glad you liked it


@mechabit Yeah, I would definitely agree. I'm working on a "immediate" recognizer.

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