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5/5 Loved it! Would be great in combination with a rythm-based game which I've created!!

@jdneidig Thank you!

@OverTheRanbow. Did you download "RythmicLeaps Setup.exe"?
It should work.

New version up!

+ Precision
+ Added mouse support
+ More shaders effects
+ Fixed the "start button" on the song selection screen (people had trouble reaching it)
+ Extra beatmap
+ Mirror Mode
+ Submitted a brand new (up-to-date) video

DIZZYYY!!!! Im getting dizzy xD

@TheFaireyplay *Hugs* *Gives cookie* Glad you liked it ;p

@Tsakey Thank you. Yes I love rythm games as well. Best of luck with your studies. I cannot wait to see what you'll create in the near future! :)

Just checked out your portfolio as well. Very nice!

More fire particles - Love it. I've seen soo many fireparticles, but this one looks REALLY nice!

Great tool. Yet (since I need to take a lot of breaks after using the Oculus Rift), it can be quite disorientating. I'll give it another try tomorrow.
Good job anyway!

@johnjoemcbob Thanks for your feedback. I've fixed some of the issues in a newer build and also implemented mouse-compatibility. The game is also playable with your mouse if you disconnect your leapmotion controller.

+ Precision
+ More shaders effects
+ Fixed the "start button" on the song selection screen (people couldn't reach it)
+ Extra beatmap
+ Submitted a brand new (up-to-date) video

Very nice! Love it

Have you got any videos which shows your creation on Windows 8? I would love to see this in action. I'm currently trying to make my monitor(s) ''touchscreen'' with the leap-motion device.

A very interesting concept indeed. (And what a long description... :p)

P.S. The hackaday link is "broken" - You should remove the dot and the )-symbol

Graphics-wise... WOW O.O!

Visually appealing and very well done concept. I saw this on YouTube already and every time I see this again - My eyes will be open-up again - It's just awesome. The 'sense' of touch felt weird at the start, but you'll get used to it very quickly.

Since I compose and arrange music myself, I can pretty much understand (most of) the features. And I really like it. I've created my own rythm-based experience but it's completely different than yours.

In any case, well done! Soundscape VR definitely has my vote!

It is a great experience. I liked it. I also visited your portfolio website. You gotta teach me how to use your secret weapon too ;p

Anyway, good job! :)

Funny game, haha xD

A simple game. It felt like you could have done much more (adding more variation in shapes perhaps?). I like the glows effects

A very original concept. Had a lot of fun with this!

The graphics look amazing!

@JoshWRich I'm going to check out DJMAX Technika now :)
The songs are reorchestrated versions which I made in FL Studio.

Thanks for dropping by!

@BotOne Thank you!

@KryaK In the future, I'll be porting the entire game to OpenGL. The goal of this was to create a rythm-based experience and a new way of UI navigation. I'll worry about the different platforms out there later. So MacOs will not be available for a while (I'm sorry) :(

@JohanKall Thank you! Good luck with your thesis as well!

@jparecki Glad you liked it

@mechabit Yeah, I would definitely agree. I'm working on a "immediate" recognizer.

Stargazer - A very interesting concept. But it will get boring pretty soon (I prefer more action). But overall: A good experience to kill time ;)

Oh my god. How did you create the phoenix o.o!

Heya, I really LOVE your finger/gesture recognition algorithm. You should check out my Shape Algorithm as well. I've used it for menu/UI navigation, but after seeing your work, I realized that "drawing a shape + firing that shape of particles towards your enemy" would be epic!

Good job! 5/5

I've read the entire description and tried it out. All I can say is that I'm not a big fan of horror games. Good luck with your PhD project!

Time to spam more spells!! I love the visual effects !

I really like the lightning effects. My favorite 'spell' :)

This is a quite addictive game!

That was fun, haha xD

By far the best 3D experience I've experienced so far.

This is very nice. I LOVE the idea.

Another game wiht great visual graphics (especially the particles).

I feel dizzy.

The visuals are very nice. The hammer should do more 'damage' and have a bigger impact on the environment though.