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Welcome to Corridor 17
Submitted by Studio 17 — 1 day, 13 hours before the deadline
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Corridor 17

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Corridor 17 is a fast-paced mix between the old school Shoot-'em-up and the modern day Endless-Runner. The player takes control of a spaceship, flies it through obstacles and traps, while dodging enemy fire. The player's ship is also armed with dual lasers which can be controlled independently of one another to engage multiple enemies at once and clear obstacles.

From the get go, we wanted to create a VR experience which was completely playable using only the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion. We've came up with, what we hope is a new and unique control scheme - the player pilots his ship using the DK2's head tracking capability which frees up both his hands to control the ship's weapon systems via Leap Motion.

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A big thank you to everyone for your kind words and feedback ! It really means a lot to us that people find the game fun.

Version 1.02 has just been uploaded. We've changed out the laser's audio (with something we hope is less annoying) and turned down the volume for the lasers. Hopefully this makes for a better experience !

A very addictive game once you get the hang of the game mechanic, though the arm fatigue is an issue. You control the spaceship with your head, flying it through an endless corridor, dodging obstacles, moving lasers and enemy fire. You control your ship's lasers using your hands (thumbs), to shoot the enemy ships and green targets to open doors. It's a great combo of using the Oculus (3D VR and ship controls) and Leap Motion (firing controls) together. This game has great potential. Hope you guys continue to work on it! Great job!

The game is very fun, except that is rather unforgiving the first few times you play it as you discover that you need to kill those white spaceships before they kill you and you need to shoot at the green target at the corner of the doors before they will open. But once you discover the mechanics, it becomes very addictive. Good job.

A really fun game once you get the hang of it! Haven't been able to get far in the turbo mode tho . A very exciting and challenging game with lots of potential. Would be interesting to see what else the developer will add on

Fun little game!

Nice use of both Occulus and Leapmotion to create an engrossing 3D version of an "endless run" style type of game, with a bit of shooter-style arcade to boot.

The controls -- Occulus head movements for the ship, and hands for the laser targetting -- once gotten used to, are pretty intuitive. Good job!


I'm a huge fan of the control mechanics you've implemented here. It feels easy to guide the ship through tight spots and quickly dodge projectiles without hitting the walls, and the scaling applied to motion is fun to play with. The art is also really cool. My only critiques are surrounding the laser sound (I had to take off my headphones after a while) and simply the amount of shooting required to progress. I was hoping to just get a chance to play with the movement mechanics through a variety of obstacles, but I unfortunately found myself focusing most of my attention on the little floating ships trying to shoot me. Regardless, if you're in the mood for a spaceship combat-puzzler, this is a must play. Thanks for posting it!



It's a little annoying to have your hands shooting the entire time but it makes sense. Maybe if they were laser beams instead of a rapid-fire gun and the audio was more continuous, it would be less distracting.

It's hard to shoot with two hands and maneuver at once, but I like it! It feels like it could have a good difficulty ramp. I would probably appreciate some good no-shooting sections to rest my hands (maybe they're in there, I never got terribly far).


Great Job! Very fun to play!

An unique and immersive experience thanks to the ingenious combination of Occulus Rift VR headset and Leap Motion gesture controller. The game is fast paced and requires fast reaction time yet it's design simple and intuitive. I particularly liked the fact that the movement of the ship is controlled by simple head movement and your hands controls the ship lasers.

Unique take on Temple Run with fun usage of the Leap Motion controller for shooting. The VR experience also ups the excitement (and anxiety :P) of playing these kind of runner games!

Temple run + bullet hell = awesome VR experience! The control scheme is different from the typical keyboard & mouse that I'm used to, but strangely enough it is pretty reliable & intuitive once you get the hang of it. I've played many VR apps; this is one of the more comfortable VR experiences I've tried so far. The gameplay is easy enough for VR beginners to pick up, yet challenging for VR veterans to master. I could literally feel the adrenaline rush. The levels & obstacles are randomised each time you play it. It never gets boring! Overall, it's a fun experience!

The flappy birds of shmups!


This is a quite addictive game!