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Perfect, thanks!

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Hey - would you leave a note with your real name? Not sure who submitted this. Also, make sure you get your video submitted please.

Haha, this is fun! I like the menu screen and 'searching for hands' messaging, too. It's simple and effective.

I really like the concept! It felt like the controls were almost always a little beyond my reach, I could never get enough control to actually put out a fire. It was fun knocking broken building pieces out of the way, though.

Lovely, meditative experience. I love the cyan cube matrix, and all the little buttons to push around the ship. Just beautiful! I can hang out in there a long time.

Good start! It's fun to paint in 3D. I like using one hand to draw and the other to change tools, wish I had more control over how it changed. Love the interaction box. Maybe it could fade away or mostly-away once you start drawing and only show up when you move your head around?

DirectToRift version crashed for me

Shortcuts don't work since they have absolute paths. Try batch files.

The game itself is a promising start! I find I have to keep my eyes in front of my face as I swivel around so my magic doesn't run out when I need it. Once I figured that out, I was able to do pretty well. It's freaky when they appear from right behind you!

No VR Version?

Not sure what I'm doing. I can make the character run in four directions, though forward and backward seem to be flipped no matter which orientation I use for the Leap Motion. I think I pulled up a phone for a second but then it disappeared.

No VR Version?

The 'Hand Module Disconnected' message is not helpful at first. I couldn't figure out that I just had to put both hands in.

I love the sound design, gives the game a cool feel and flow.

Not quite sure what I'm doing. Sometimes I seem to get points, sometimes not. I don't think I'm getting anywhere.


It's a little annoying to have your hands shooting the entire time but it makes sense. Maybe if they were laser beams instead of a rapid-fire gun and the audio was more continuous, it would be less distracting.

It's hard to shoot with two hands and maneuver at once, but I like it! It feels like it could have a good difficulty ramp. I would probably appreciate some good no-shooting sections to rest my hands (maybe they're in there, I never got terribly far).

The portals are fun! It could use some in-game explanation or tips.

DirectToRift version crashed on launch twice.

Ran non-direct version on second monitor and it was fine

Fun & funny but quickly frustrating as I couldn't get much of anything accomplished with the way things float around

Not a VR game?

It's cute, but tiring to hold my hand face up for very long

Would be nice if levels progressed into each other instead of always returning to the menu

The dData folder is named 'Babel_win_Data' but it should be Babel_Data (or exe needs to be renamed to Babel_win.exe)

No Direct to Rift Mode.

Had to create batch file to launch it on second monitor (Rift).

Game itself - I like the idea, I think you'll get there. Right now, the climbing speed seems to vary and it feels disconnected from my physical movements. Sometimes I seem to be gliding up the wall and other times I'm climbing and climbing and making no headway.

Graphics don't look right in the Rift. Tried non-rift version, and it's a pretty scene but I can't figure out what to do.

Very hard to control - is it set up for Desktop or rift-mounted control? I mostly just spin until I get dizzy and have to take off the Rift.

Solid overall experience, very exciting!

I often grab-and-move when I mean to grab an object, probably just takes more practice.

Simply scribbling in 3D is more fun than I thought. I like how the camera seems to lock on to the target object so I can easily look around it.

The game is not 3D, is the Leap tracking set up for desktop?

The camera seems to move left and right whenever i move my hand around, it's disorienting. I like the idea, though.