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Fly through a deadly course in the sky - for Oculus and Leap Motion
Submitted by esdin (@esdin) — 11 minutes, 42 seconds before the deadline

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Ring Flight

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Learn to fly with the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion, then test yourself against a twisting gauntlet filled with blades, walls, and rings to soar through.

Ring Flight gives the player full control over pitch, yaw, roll, and speed with only their hands. It's my small attempt at trying to create an intuitive flight controller for all those would-be superheros.

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This is a GREAT idea, and is ready to be one of the best Oculus + Leap games out there, but it has some major issues. I tried it with my DK2 and Leap, which is mounted to the DK2. FIrst, it rarely recognizes both my hands - it only recognizes one of them about 50% of the time, and only sees both about 5% of the time. Second, the turning is far, far too sensitive. Even a slight movement of the hands will send it into a spin, which quickly becomes motion sickness because the sensor loses tracking of the hands.

Also, for me, the rings did not render correctly - they seemed to be a tube of gray boxes. I'm using an R9 290 graphics card.

If you can use an updated SDK to fix the hand recognition and tune down the turning, it will be a great world to fly in, and immediately be the top app for the category.


@HeliosInteractive: It's meant to be played with the VR mount. Movement is dependent on the Rift's facing as well as hand orientation, which might be causing you to spin out; try resetting your orientation with R to see if that helps! Thanks for playing either way :)


Very hard to control - is it set up for Desktop or rift-mounted control? I mostly just spin until I get dizzy and have to take off the Rift.


Feel like I'm a bird (superman).


nice superhero game