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@HeliosInteractive: It's meant to be played with the VR mount. Movement is dependent on the Rift's facing as well as hand orientation, which might be causing you to spin out; try resetting your orientation with R to see if that helps! Thanks for playing either way :)

Oh! Only other comment; when I first tried to play I had my audio off, and couldn't figure out how to move around. It might make sense to use one of your great side-panels to display controls (as a "Commander's Manual" or something similar) to the player as well as your AI so there's another cue in addition to sound.

Really enjoyed the use of a fully in-game UI for events. The big volumes made it easy to interact with the buttons and tech-upgrade field.

While I'm appreciative relying entirely on the Oculus for orientation, I ended up getting myself tangled pretty easily while trying to navigate around the chamber, or else having to move "backwards" by angling my hands to the right, or else reentering the Oculus.

The ping-pong approach is a gorgeous touch.