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I've added colour fading to indicate speed

cool game, this is one of the better visual coding game I've seen this jam (it's a shame that people can't spend long enough to fully appreciate this kind of game in a jam setting)

Thanks, loved your game!

Funny tea making simulator

cool idea, I wish "go on a rampage" meant the character would do some flashy anime move and destroy a bunch of enemies leaving her vulnerable instead of just jiggling the joystick a bit

Wow, love the character design, I can see this being on a saturday morning kids show or game series.

Cool game, you communicated  a difficult concept in a jam setting so well done. 

Love it, just like a high school romcom

Watched this game on the stream, love it!

it's 1 point per 1/100th of a second per plate so the score ramps up with more plates

get the "good" end by scoring over 15,000

that was indeed the inspiration :)

nice pixel art, it's cool that you made 2 games in 1 lol

if they turn red that means it's too fast

Nice game. Sometimes it's hard to select a unit directly behind another one. Other than that, love it.

I like that you have to stick the landing. 

I'd have liked to roll along the floor as an option. nice pixel art and music.

nice pogostick simulator, enjoyed playing it

A shoot to move but with a twist, it's a bit hard to aim with the camera angle and perspective, maybe add a guide that shows the angle of the bounce

I jumped all over the computer and games console and tv remote and they didn't do anything unless that's not the solution

nice concept, very frustrating when you have to wait to rotate to stop a virus, maybe add path indicators so you can plan your positioning ahead of time

nice fast paced puzzle, felt like a virus burning through a population. maybe add masks and hand sanitisers that kill the virus

cool action tower defense. could do with some juice and maybe some enemies that require player attention like stealth hunters. love the art and music

poor doggo. 

I managed to get the first 3 tasks but didn't know how to trigger the rest

nice game, got 9 days, I'd like an incinerator to get rid of bad workers

cool concept, would love some relaxing music and nature sounds

nice puzzle platformer

Nice map, reminds me of atomic zombie smasher

Interesting concept, maybe would be even better with seed challenges where you can create a level and share it online for friends to beat

Nice cross between card game and puzzle game

Cool game, I dropped the first baby straight into the spike pit lol

Very clever fun puzzle game

no hard feelings bro, just some feedback, good job submitting a game :)

Nice! When the bombs fall on your plates you need to bounce them off by holding down the key.

Cool game, I like the dice character, very thematic 

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Cool game, the music loop is pretty short, it's a bit difficult to judge the bounce angle probably due to the ship collider not matching the irregular ship shape. maybe make the rocket a sphere or put a bubble around it. I played a couple rounds so I don't know if later rounds add any new mechanics but maybe add black holes or comets or something.

what did I just play? lol

it's a pretty cool physics puzzle game

would have prefered finer control over the force and direction

I was expecting some reaction to peeing on yourself

Nice game. I did notice some grammatical issues with the text which in a story driven game kinda detracts from the experience. Just slap the text into a word editor and hit the spell checker. Interesting take on the theme.

Thanks for playing. 

If you want a tip: just tap the key on the screen once or twice a second until it flashes red then hold off for a second.

If you see a bomb or coin hold the key down for 2 seconds and release to jump.

 I agree that it's not super clear. I was thinking of putting a speed meter on the plates but that just adds clutter to the screen. Maybe another colour for too slow.

love it, the twist in gameplay from puzzle to shooter was hilarious 

nice game, I like the wobbly physics and random spell casting. sometimes you want to miss in order to prevent making the enemies stronger.