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Found a bug, if you select the warren but then right click out of it you still get 2 rabbits.

Awesome, top 20 :)

Thanks! Here's a tip: You don't need to throw the fireball for it to kill enemies ;) If you're really swamped just keep the fireball in your hands and slap the ones that get close. You can also just punch the ghosts to push them back or use the heal spell to push all the ghosts back.

@Studio 17 Thanks! Your game is cool as well :)

@Helios Thanks for testing. I'll upload some relative batch files.

@Xantomen, I use a DK1 as well, the leap motion is a bit spotty on left hand detection. It helps if you wiggle your fingers a bit and by being careful not to obscure your fingers from the camera at certain angles. (that's an issue with HMD mounted Leap Motion games)

I had a go at the no rift version and man, my arms are tired lol

Would be great if there were force feedback gloves for this to make you "feel" the hand holds.

those are pretty big nanobots lol

nice sense of desperately clawing at bugs to save your life

maybe indlude a crawling feature with your hands so you can try to get away lol

is it rift mounted or desktop leap motion? tried both and couldn't find my hands. running on windows 7

would love to see a shadow puppets theatre style story mode for this

might have been one of the explosives levels cos I ran out of explosives, pretty early on, not sure how many levels there are.

nice mini game, reminds me of the warrior ware games but I found I couldn't stretch my fingers enough for the game to register most of the time.

@Cade I don't want to spoil it for ya but I'll give you a hint: you use something other than your hands to grab the pole :)

can't get the hand tracking to work in this. are you using the v2.2 leap motion sdk?

uploaded a quick fix for windows with the workaround short cuts

also swapped out the flower for a (I think) nicer looking one also less laggy one

okay I've got it to work

didn't have a wii controller so I just mouse click to fire while holding a pencil

I can definitely see this being a new panzer dragoon :)

-force-opengl works but it's made the screen off center

The conductor hand waving felt really good. Can see a full orchestra game based on this.

Do you get any more poweres beyond gravity hands?

Also try setting your desktop to 1280x800 or running in windowed mode fixed the black screen bug

Starting in windowed mode a couple times got it to run without crashing so I could finally play this thing. 5 Stars well done!

That was calm and pleasant though I'd like there to be more ambient sounds and effects. Maybe some fish to look at.

really nice artwork

props for making a custom controller, shame we can't get the full experience of putting it on (how can you put on bones anyway?)

nice fire effects

nice work, very intuitive

Thanks for the update

really nice effects

coincidence maybe?

Is there 2 entries for this? Pretty sure I just saw another game called Shitty Bird

How do you play this thing? What program does it use?

okay well done

nice puzzle game

One of the better paper plane games

Saw this featured on RPS :)

Please add more character models :)

Very nice puzzle game, sort of like a more intuitive QUBE mixed with Tron :)

I have a 64bit version of windows 7 but no unity leap motion vr game works in 64bit mode for me. It's also mentioned in the jam overview page not to use 64bit.

nice music visualiser, very pretty

nice superhero game

awesome mix of AR and VR and some nice illustrations in the magic book.