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A big thank you to everyone for your kind words and feedback ! It really means a lot to us that people find the game fun.

Version 1.02 has just been uploaded. We've changed out the laser's audio (with something we hope is less annoying) and turned down the volume for the lasers. Hopefully this makes for a better experience !

Very polished experience ! The floating items even react the way you'd expect them to in real life (never been to space but yeah), good showcase of the sense of presence Leap Motion can afford VR experiences.

Very nice ! Expands on the possibilities and future of VR which just makes me even more excited about what is to come ! Only gripe is that it requires a very controlled environment (sanitized so the Leap Motion sensor is working at it's best) to properly experience it.

Bahahaha ! Took me awhile but finally managed to down the monster. Very cute !

One of the first games i tried ! Love the different powers, who doesn't want to be a Jedi eh ? Think it has the potential to be an even cooler experience once more content (storyline, context ?) is added !

Love the environment and the fiery hands ! I got somewhat cross eyed when trying to look through the aiming circle but managed to complete the game by aiming with one eye instead of two !

Met up with a bunch of friends to play through the submissions together and ElementL came up as one of those that they really enjoyed ! The game mechanics are easy to learn and who doesn't love the idea of being able to toss fireballs around. The game also gets pretty intense after a couple of waves. Rather disconcerting when you turn around only to find yourself face to face with a disembodied skull. Good stuff !

Pros: The music is good and background looks good.

Cons: Constant bobbing of the dragon causes motion sickness easily :/