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See a full Windows 8.1 Desktop in Oculus Rift and use with Leap Motion
Submitted by 1337 with 5 days, 16 hours before the deadline

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dOculus - VR Touchscreen (Windows 8.1 Desktop)

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Watch Youtube Video here:

The game is called "Windows 8.1 Desktop" and you will be able to just normally use your VR projected Windows Touch Desktop floating steady over your real desktop in natural size. Of course the mouse and keyboard can also be used additional to touch. It uses a ray-tracing shader rendering up to 3000 fps and eliminating subpixel-blur generated by conventional intermediate scan-line buffers - a problem with double texture picking. Also there are no multiple render-passes needed, This gives really low latency of well under 1ms. You will also notice the regular outer cushion bars are not visible. Ray-tracing also makes this possible without wastefully oversized big buffers. This gives you an even extra field-of-view on the outer edges. Needs at least Oculus-Rift DK2, and a Leap-Motion controller to see environment and touch capability.

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C#, C++, HLSL

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Please bring this back I really want to use it

Can yo uuse Windows 7 ninstead of windows 8.

Also can you set it so the Virtual Touch Desktop Screen appears Right above the LEAP MOTION itself, that way you can Move the leap motion around and the screen will follow?, IF SO PLEASE TELL ME MORE i'm wanting to buy myself and bAckpack PC with An leapmotion , trying to figure out a way to place the LEAP on the arms that way you would have an touch Air display On the go.


very cool idea! I`m also interessed in the binaries, Could you send it to Thanks in advance!


I would have send you, but your email seems invalid.


I'd love to use it but have seen that you have removed the binaries. Any chance of emailing it to




So, not even becoming a finalist and due to lag of interest in the program I decided to pull the binary until further development has been made. I will be working on support for different input devices in the meantime.


No, because now it finally makes sense now :D

Is it weird that I like this more than Windows 8?



Video is uploaded :)


Hi alecz1k,

I know you can't do virtual touch on the Taskmanager for security reasons. This seems to be same for Onscreen-Keyboard and Chams etc. I use TouchInjection-API right now, there are other solutions with Fake-Touchscreen-Drivers that might work. But that would be to much to install for a simple demo right now - no more "unzip & go..."

I cant write anything with the virtual keyboard, is it normal?

Im on the oculus and leap motion. Thank you!


I will be producing a video soon, but just spent some time making the Virtual Desktop free to place (RC6). Now you can adjust it to match your real screen for example - this also makes the real screen a Touchscreen without watching though Oculus Rift. Just place it in a good position for the Leap Motion to detect your fingers :)


Have you got any videos which shows your creation on Windows 8? I would love to see this in action. I'm currently trying to make my monitor(s) ''touchscreen'' with the leap-motion device.


There has been an update to the touch fingers. If only one index-finger is seen, the thumb will be the second touch point. This works great for pinch-zoom. But keeping your hands other fingers straight is still best practice!


On usage I strongly suggest to keep your hands open, since only the index-fingers do touch (when behind the virtual surface) - but tracking is much more accurate and reliable with hands open.