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Hey, I claimed the game while it was free but I wasn't aware of the VR version issue would you mind adding it to my account?

To run it on a Quest it'd have to be made specifically for it as it runs Android or you could stream it using Riftcat/VRidge, ALVR, or Virtual Desktop

Hey, I'm wondering if you have any plans to update this or port it to the Quest I think it'd be pretty fun on it!

Hey, I'm curious do you have any plans to port this to the Oculus Quest?

Hey, just letting you know your anti-piracy system tells me to play it on though I'm using the official client app for windows anyhow I don't know how you could go about fixing it since I don't know anything about Pico development anyhow I enjoy the games you make

How do you "use(d) the display from OBS" to play the game?

I can see the enviroment fine but the enemies are practically invisible.. :(

This was fun

Also please enable community contribution for translations/subtitles

why does it say you're playing Sonic Dash?

This is where the kickstarter put me yet I can't download it..  :/

Hey, Theadear, Since the developer removed the download for the demo since the kickstarter finished do you still have the game files? and could you send me them?, I'd love to try it (either by email or by sendanywhere etc)

Could you please adjust what it supports on the client app says it doesn't support windows. so it wont let me download it

Hey, Just letting you know on the app/client it says "Not available on Windows"

Probably but if you have a leap motion you can use that to make your hands vive controllers (or if you have playstation motion controllers you can use those as well using freetrack or you could use Nolo or razer hydra but mouse and keyboard is probably not worth it)

Haven't finished it yet but it is fun and I have a few suggestions 1. add some form of locomotion(or multiple) 2. speed up the elavator if the room is taller 3. when you take items from chests make something appear to tell you that the chests are moving not you like how in tilt brush when you move your drawing a grid appears or change how they move away from you

Just letting you know on the itch app/client it says Not available on Windows so it won't let me download it (Even though it's listed as supporting the vive which last I checked only supports windows but whatever

Just letting you know you can't download this using the client app because your game/app/software is "Not available on Windows"

alright I will get it on steam then sorry for the %5(or so) decrease in profit from this sale I will recommend your game to other people tho

I do want to support the developer but I also want it on steam so I'd like to know before I purchase

Please bring this back I really want to use it

Really fun but there's just a few things that I hope you add and or remove/fix

1. Please let the player on the right go all the way to the back end remove the invisible wall

2. Please add Local/(or/and non local) Online multiplayer for local and online you could let the players host the server's

3. Add an option to make your own hats and or customs for the costumes you could draw(using pixel art) over the body of the giraffe and for the hats/masks you would draw over the head

Hey I've played this using remotr cloud gaming and I think it would work well on mobile(Android preferably) (I'd be up for beta testing an android version)

One thing I have to point out is some things can only be done in virtual reality maybe this game could work without it but some things(games etc) can ONLY work in vr and I thing Hideo Kojima said this best quote

"IGN: Do you like VR?

Kojima: I love VR! I would play it now but atm I have Death Stranding.

IGN: Out of the VR content so far, anything you particularly liked?

Kojima: Nothing yet that I've particularly liked, which is what makes me want to work on a VR game myself (laugh). I think it's a shame more people are not trying new ways to bring out ppl's emotions. While film is good for what film can do, games do what film can't, and VR again does it different. VR can make users feel in ways that was previously not possible, this is huge, yet no one is doing this! They see VR as an extension of traditional games, but I think it is not. (延長線上, lit: extension of a straight line.)

IGN: You mean they should be focusing on things that can only be expressed in VR, and not just rehash traditional games?

Kojima: If I said what they should do, then people will just copy that thing, so I won't say it here (laugh). But I do think it's a real shame, here's a hint. 120 years ago, the Lumière brothers produced motion picture. This was done by flipping a screen encapsulated in a frame repeatedly to create the illusion of moving pictures. This culture of a screen encapsulated in a frame continued a 100 something years. And with it evolved the challenge of how to move people to laugh, to cry, to feel fear, by manipulating what's in the frame.
Kojima: But now with VR, there's no frame. There's no frame, and it's interactive. This opens up possibilities. You can do things that was previously impossible because of this frame. I would love to explore this area while no one is at it yet.


TLDR "But now with VR, there's no frame."(That is the short version)

It says not available for Windows on the home program please change this
(And I'm going to report to that if the input method is htc vive than it has windows support and to give the option to say it worked for windows/linux/mac even if the uploader didn't set it and some other things)

I know this is an old experance but to you think you could add htc vive support for it?(with leap motion)

I'm gonna test it with two htc vives(librevr revive) and hamachi since my friend lives quite far away

would you be planning on making a version for the htc vive?(still using leap motion) or do you know which version(0.07 or 0.05) works with librevr revive

what description?

Sounds cool I checked it out and I think I might be getting Playmaker thanks for letting me know it exists! :D

This game was/is really fun, I really hope more people make games for the leap.

What is the game that your uploading on steam called I'd love to check it out? (also I what are the other things to craft? I often don't figure out what I'm supposed to do in vr games.....)

do you plan on updating this?, its pretty fun

I was wondering what engine did you use to make this game Unity, Unreal or other?

it said "input Htc vive" how its an apk

Hey, I was wondering if I could have the "source code" I'd like to mess around with the concept/idea and see how you did it since I'm new to unity/ue4

Hey is there an option to get rid of the distoration on your voice?, also I was wondering if you will still be updating this, and what are the things you can "craft" I've only managed a bat then a stronger bat...

Hey Idvr I'd like another tester for a game I'm going to start making soon would you be up for it? (HTC Vive game made with Unity I'll tell you more about it in direct/private messages if you say yes)