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Hey is there an option to get rid of the distoration on your voice?, also I was wondering if you will still be updating this, and what are the things you can "craft" I've only managed a bat then a stronger bat...

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There's more to craft!

But I currently don't have plans to update it more, it was a quick little jam game and I have a game about to launch on steam I'm working on, sorry.

I may do a quick update to remove the distortion though.

I'm really hopeing your new game has as good of movement as Cavey, it makes you feel so free and powerful. I would buy a full Cavey game for sure.

What is the game that your uploading on steam called I'd love to check it out? (also I what are the other things to craft? I often don't figure out what I'm supposed to do in vr games.....)

The game is called Climbey :)

Other things: unlit campfire, spear, axe, sparks from stones to light the fire hah, that's about all I think.

I have Climbey! It's one of the games I use to show people how cool the Vive is. Great job. I miss the demo level though, or rather my 6 year old twin daughters miss it. They loved climbing around on that thing. Is it available anywhere?

Yeah it is, it's on the workshop called "demolevel" lemme find a link...

Just subscribe to that and you'll be able to put it in the level playlist through the level selection menu in the left front corner of the main menu. :)