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You folks did the only other VR game (other than mine) this Ludum dare from what I can find, but you didn't make a quick little PCVR OpenXR build? :(

Joystick click on the right side is a duck toggle and there's a long-distance grab under the... B? button if I'm remembering right.

Not sure if you caught those things given your comments :p

Pointless comment, I'm the creator of Climbey and this project is super old and hasn't been updated since 2018.

It's a throwaway jam game made in like a week 2 years ago dude, christ, calm down.

Get SteamVR.

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My own thing! I've never liked any of the built in unity plugin throwing mechanics.

The same person, yes.

Climbey and this game are both made by me, alone.

Nice little game, love the eye animation stuff! :o

Yeah it is, it's on the workshop called "demolevel" lemme find a link...

Just subscribe to that and you'll be able to put it in the level playlist through the level selection menu in the left front corner of the main menu. :)

The game is called Climbey :)

Other things: unlit campfire, spear, axe, sparks from stones to light the fire hah, that's about all I think.

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There's more to craft!

But I currently don't have plans to update it more, it was a quick little jam game and I have a game about to launch on steam I'm working on, sorry.

I may do a quick update to remove the distortion though.