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Shift Happens

Couch-Coop Jump'n'Run for 1-2 Players · By klonkgames

If I buy it here will I get a steam key?

A topic by Mage_Enderman created Nov 23, 2017 Views: 395 Replies: 2
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I do want to support the developer but I also want it on steam so I'd like to know before I purchase


Hi Mage! 
Thanks for your consideration :)
Shift Happens here on is a separate version without Steam integration.
The content and features are identical to the steam version and can be played without a game client.
But if  you prefer the steam version we're still happy about every customer on Steam.

hope this answer helped you out,

thanks and have a great week!
Simon from Klonk Games

alright I will get it on steam then sorry for the %5(or so) decrease in profit from this sale I will recommend your game to other people tho