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The Airship Abstraction

A member registered 2 years ago · View creator page →


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Thanks, MissMurder and Cr33p3R!

Thank you so much, jdneidig! It's great to hear that people are enjoying it! :D

Very nice! It makes me think of DJMAX Technika, just without the sore fingers, haha.

Nice song choices too!

Thanks! :D

I've actually thought about drawing runes on screen for, like, ultra-special magics! The screen could slow down while you put in something tricky, maybe. There's just so much I can do with this game!

Checking out your game now!

Your game is really elegant! Elegant use of controller, and elegant mood. I like it :D

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I had it up for a little while months ago. The response made me think the game wasn't a good fit for the Steam crowd, and I should just keep it here for now.

I have another bigger project I've spent the last 2+ years on that I'm trying to prioritize right now, too. I'm thinking I'll probably put it on Greenlight instead, once it's ready.