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Fast paced game where you cast shadows with your hands to control the flow of rally cars.
Submitted by Andrew Kite (@aRandomKite) — 17 days, 19 hours before the deadline

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Solar Rally

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Solar Rally is a fun fast paced game where you must use your hands to cast shadows over cars to prevent them from colliding with one another. I wanted to create something so players can enjoy the leap motion hardware and not about worry about careful finger gestures. Developing with this in mind I was able to iterate on a few ideas till I came up with the game play mechanic of casting a shadow over objects you wish to manipulate. The few people who trialed the initial builds of Solar Rally like the fact that the shadow was manipulating the object rather than the hand itself, since with a hand you would expect some form of feedback (touch), whereas a shadow requires no feedback and does not break the player away from the illusion their hand is in the game. This was a major reason why i followed through with this idea.

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Thanks for all the comments everyone!


Charming and clever use of the Leap Motion. I enjoyed the small touches from the rally cars - fast straightaways and methodical turns, gave them a lot of personality.

Great game. Love the style and how fast it is to just pick up and play!


This game has style! I really like both the look and the shadow mechanic. Cheers.


Your game is really elegant! Elegant use of controller, and elegant mood. I like it :D


@mechabit, thanks for the comment :)

Initially I had a lot less traffic at the start of the game, but I found most of the time I'd be sitting there for a good minute as the game ran without the need for any input. Been making a few tweeks to improve gameplay, and the ios port is complete which runs pretty well. Ill Post an update in the comments when it is available for download! With the Apple holiday ques it may be a while hah


Really nice and soothing game if it weren't for all the traffic jams lol

Would fit right at home on the wii as a family game


Thanks for pointing the shadow issue out as well! I think it would be due to the quality setting you have the game running at. Just realised I have only set the settings "Beautiful, and Fantastic" to have shadows enabled, the rest do not. I will fix this in my next update coming soon, but in the meantime the settings mentioned above should solve the issue for now :)


Thanks Andrew, it's running now, and everything seems to be working except the shadows themselves. I see hand outlines but no shadow on the ground. Nice work so far!


@cadouthat, thank you for bringing this to my attention. I forgot to include the Data Folder containing the game files... Long day. It has been updated and should work now.


The windows EXE is not working for me, it complains about a missing Data folder.


Very cool idea.