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Steel Castle Games

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Thanks! You are correct about the height-mapping :)

Nice work so far!

FYI, looks like you forgot to include Leap.dll alongside the EXE in the latest build (got it to work by copying DLLs from the old build). Looking great though!

Sounds cool! I would try it out if I had an Oculus Rift, ha!

Looks awesome though! Can't wait to try it out

Thanks Andrew, it's running now, and everything seems to be working except the shadows themselves. I see hand outlines but no shadow on the ground. Nice work so far!

Doesn't appear to be working for me. The game loads and music starts to play, but nothing ever appears and I can't seem to move the sliders. Playing on Win7, in case you want to know.

The windows EXE is not working for me, it complains about a missing Data folder.

Neat idea. I feel like the shadow matching is a little too forgiving, but maybe that's for the best since the Leap Motion tracking isn't perfect yet.

Visually appealing and plays smoothly. Nice!