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This is surprisingly cool and satisfying! A few issues: 1) On Mac, you have to copy the colors.txt file to the MAC_OSX folder for them to work. 2) I'm having a lot of trouble switching colors, curling my left thumb in doesn't work most of the time (making a fist sometimes does). 3) There's not much feedback on which line shape is chosen, maybe change the shape in the palm? But regardless, nice work!!

Yay, beat it without spoilers!! This was a lot of fun. The water was a bit tricky to control, but besides that it worked pretty well. Love the ending ;)

Alright, this is quite cool. I made it through the puzzle, though I finally had to use the keyboard to solve it (the leap was too tricky). I'm stuck on the next part though, clapping my hands doesn't seem to do anything. The movement takes some getting used to, and it's a bit odd that you can't turn and walk at the same time, but the atmosphere is amazing! Truly creepy and magical :)

Should this work with the DK2? I've set the resolution - the menu doesn't merge correctly for both eyes, but the game world itself does (and looks fantastic!) However, the leap hands seem to be a bit off. I can make the lantern appear, but I can't get past the first decision point. Would love to test this further!

Oh! Okay, I suppose that should have been obvious given the issues :) I'll try again tonight!

This is truly beautiful. The room is gorgeous, the music is perfect, and the object interaction is amazing (can't tell you how excited I was when I first caught a bolt in my fingers, such a simple thing!) My only complaint is with the movement. For how light and weightless everything else feels, I feel heavy and sluggish. I want to zip around the room, bounce off the walls, rotate in 360 (VR sickness be damned!) Perhaps you could add an optional setting, a button on the wall, that allows for freer range of movement. Still an amazing experience!

Thanks Hereson! I know what you mean, I've been testing Oculus entries all evening and my vision is swimming a bit now :) Make sure you orient yourself on startup by pressing the Left CTRL key, that will center the world and ensure that the menu on the left is easy to reach. After that place some things in the world to ground yourself. I like to start with a few big trees. Thanks for testing!!

Love the atmosphere!! The hand tracking feels very responsive. This is also one of the neatest tutorial solutions I've seen. Beautifully done!

I'm having issues with the hand tracking, my hands are upside-down and extra low. Anyone else having this problem? Testing on Windows with a DK2 (other Rift/Leap games are working as expected). This looks gorgeous though, can't wait to try it!

This works pretty well (using mouse). I definitely felt dizzy too until I tried bouncing up and down a bit in my seat. The balance ball idea is neat, we can get our exercise and shoot things from dragon-back at the same time, win!

Okay, I really like this game, but man is it frustrating!! I keep coming back to it though, in between testing other entries. Keep thinking maybe this is the time it will click :D I love the atmosphere and the goals, it's just a little tricky to control!

This game has style! I really like both the look and the shadow mechanic. Cheers.

Neat! 1700 first try, it's pretty natural. My wrist did get a little tired before the round was over but I was able to switch hands without losing too much control, which is great!

Oh man, this is great!! Really nice use of the leap, perfect balance of a useful and unique mechanic without frustration. It does crash more often than not on startup, but be persistent and it eventually works. More please!!

See a video here: