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A science-fiction game about dimensional time, a rescue mission gone awry and a disconcerting future.
Submitted by thehen — 21 days, 13 hours before the deadline
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Aboard the Lookinglass

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A science-fiction game about dimensional time, a rescue mission gone awry and a disconcerting future.

You come round with a hazy memory and a voice crackling down your intercom, "Alice… Alice can you hear me". You recognise the voice… you just can't remember, who, or where. Panic rises, but the voice is calming, reassuring. You have a mission. You're part of a rescue team. Yes, it all makes sense.

Peering through your left hand you see another world, or time. The past.

Your right hand holds the future.

Looking round, you see a screen, hissing and fractured. "This must have once opened the door", you think. Once. In the past. Raising your left hand, a working screen slides into view. You press it in the past. The door murmurs, then pops open in the present.

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This is too cool - very nicely done :D. The time travel paradoxes make my head hurt a little bit, but once I got used to the rules of the world it felt very natural and fun. I can't wait for a full game based on this. I would back it on kickstarter if you guys went that route!


If anyone has any problems with crashing, I've uploaded a new DX11 build which looks like it fixes things! Please let me know if it runs okay!


Oh man, this is great!! Really nice use of the leap, perfect balance of a useful and unique mechanic without frustration. It does crash more often than not on startup, but be persistent and it eventually works. More please!!


Very nice!!


Wow. I just finished this, and it's amazing. I WANT MORE! (soooo good~!)


Once I got this started (PC version only works so far for me), it's really good! Some of the puzzles are tricky for my simple mind (ha!), but I'm getting the hang of it.


Starting in windowed mode a couple times got it to run without crashing so I could finally play this thing. 5 Stars well done!

You were mentioned on Rock Paper Shotgun! Congrats!

I'll try to see if this will work on my laptop, and if it does, I'll mount my leap on my sunglasses or something.

Thanks for your help and support during the jam!


Great concept and execution! Loved it.


I notice a lot of entries are getting this error:

OculusPlugin.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)

in module OculusPlugin.dll at 0023:6055bdac.

Have you got a file hash to check it's not a corrupted download?


Amazing, the final entry blew me away




Neat mechanic of reaching into the past/future.  Looks like you can only use two hands in the present, since in the past/future you need one hand to open the portal and the other can perform actions.  This should make for interesting puzzles.  BTW you can mount the Leap controller on a pair of glasses, until your Rift with head mount arrives.


nice concept