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Amber Roy

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Nice demo video.  Destroying things can be quite meditative.  And satisfying.

I am a scared already.  Will download when I work up the courage.  :)   Cool that you're doing user tests with the Leap Motion controller, reminds me I need to do more of that too.  

"Recommended requirements: a physical box fan."  How interesting... curious to see what this is about.  Possible use of the Petal VR Fan.  http://www.petalfan.com/

The trailer video looks really good nice work.  Really takes advantage of the Leap controller hand tracking to let each finger interact with the objects.  I like how it's a relaxing space experience and not shooter or horror (although those are cool too).  

Neat mechanic of reaching into the past/future.  Looks like you can only use two hands in the present, since in the past/future you need one hand to open the portal and the other can perform actions.  This should make for interesting puzzles.  BTW you can mount the Leap controller on a pair of glasses, until your Rift with head mount arrives.