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Stephan Tanguay

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Great leap motion app, like that you added the hover menu. Very cool!

Hey Studio17 check out my most recent update if you get a chance.

Updated the targeting circle so its a hole in fire energy that surrounds the user as they build up the power of their fire ball. Its a better effect and allows you focus on the correct focal plane while aiming.

Very intense being inside the visuals. Loved it!

Great feedback Studio17, I am working improving that system in general. There are actually 2 little helper lines inside the targeting circle that extend to the actual target. If you focus on those lines instead of the circle it is much easier to focus on the correct distance!

1.03 is very stable based on my testing. Minor issue the Oculus Unity plugin may cause the app to crash if you switch to another task.

I compiled the OSX version of 1.03 but have not tested it yet, any feed back would be great.

Best Regards,

Stephan Tanguay

Great concept and execution! Loved it.

Great work, well executed!