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Hey Luca, it's Xanto, I also went to the November Mini Jam, but couldn't present cause laptop died :D

Good to see your Leap game here.

Nice game.

The right hand is like: "...WTF!"

Hey guys, it's Xanto. I was in the King's Game Jam as well.

Have to tell you, I laughed my ass off when the bird started flying in that clumsy way in the presentation, haha.

Hey, it's Xanto, from the Jam!

Nice work :D

I like the concept and the accurate controls, I can imagine myself playing Dark Messiah like this, haha.

Unfortunately I don't have the DK2 so I can only play with one hand (the other keeps the Leap on the vertical) :O

Oh man, this is really, really nice. Congratulations in such a greatly executed experience :D

Glad to hear mechabit, thanks :O

Which parts did you like?

I want the weekend to come so I can start trying your game and all the others :D